My extra hand.

I couldn’t stop myself from writing about Him. My extra hand.

God has provided me with two normal hands. However, the person I’m talking about today has been the most cherished part of me. He has not only been the lighthouse to my sinking ship, but also the guiding star.

Yet he would never let me give him any credit for what he did. Never!

He is no one but my Best Friend. My Life.

Surprisingly perhaps, this is only the third year since I met him although it feels like we have known each other for eternity. Somehow, he effortlessly reads my mind over phones or even chats. When he is with me, I can blindly cross the road knowing that he will take care of me.

I didn’t believe in best friendship, I don’t know why. I just didn’t. He proved me wrong. Inside out.

I call him my extra hand because that’s exactly how I feel. When you want to do some work but it turns out to be too much to handle for your lone two hands, you begin wishing for a third one to help you out. Being with him is just the same feeling. If I fall today and my hands are so broken that I can’t push myself up again, I have complete faith that he will come to my rescue.
Best Friends do that.
And He did a lot more than any best friend in history.

People say they have the best-est parent/boyfriend/girlfriend etc etc in the world. But I know I have the world’s best-est BEST FRIEND ever!

To me, my best friend is more important than any other relation in the world. Recently, I had lost all my confidence and pride. I was ashamed of myself for who I am. It was he who held my hand when everyone abandoned me. It was his confidence that became my stronghold. My extra hand was the one who pulled me back from the precipice of self destruction and helped me regain my confidence. Of course, he would never accept any credit. And anyway thanking him could never be enough. That’s why I thought of dedicating this post to him. But even this would hardly measure up in the face of all that he has done for me. He deserves more than this, obviously. Still, it’s a little something at least. 🙂

I am happy and proud that I can call him my best friend. We have seen the worst days and been through terrible fights. Strangely none of it brought scars to our friendship. It only bound us closer. =)

Today if you read my blogs and like it, do remember that it is him who gave me the confidence to start such a big work. I would say, it is only because of my best friend, that I have learnt to love myself. If I didn’t then none if this would have existed.

Most of you have best friends or some of you might think you have lost your best friend. No best friend is ever lost. Best friends can grow together even when they aren’t physically near. To me my Best Friend is My World. Today, I couldn’t have been this happy or positive if not for him.

I wish all of you find your best friends and never ever let them go. You will lose a part of yourself if you do. Nothing can be more precious than this bond of friendship. Even when you hurt each other, you know you will forgive and be forgiven because no mistake can beat your love for each other. I can hardly ever thank him for all the support that he has given me. So, I only thought it is fair to let you know the reason why I am so happy. My best friend is the only person who can make me smile when I can’t even think of smiling.

I recently posted about Panic Attacks. Well, he held me back before I could fall when i go through this. He joins me in my darkness to help me emerge as the shining star! YES! That’s MY BEST FRIEND! Shouvik Paladhi. ❤

Bye. x


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