The true you.

Recently, I have been noticing things which compels  me to write this today. Maybe it could just stop you from making a mistake. As you can see by the heading, I am talking about how people are losing themselves for people approval. My question is WHY?

Teenage girls are always so conscious about themselves. But why should it be so? People buy so much of make up, I do buy make up but using them on daily basis is not my cup of tea. No! I save it for occasions when I would actually enjoy putting it on. I don’t need to hide my face under loads and loads of powder daily. This blog is also a beauty blog and I can’t lead my readers down a wrong path where they try to be someone else all the time. Please realize that make up off or makeup on, true beauty lies in being yourself. If you have to be someone else, then why were you born this way?
To all those girls who put make up on daily to hide their flaws and become flawless, stop for one day. Go out and see what people, or your friends or your partner may ask….”Are you sick?” “Ain’t you fine babe?”
Whereas you are as fit as a horse. But they ask because they have not seen the real you! You hide yourself so much under all those concealers, powders, blushes that they forget how you actually look.
Stop trying to be flawless and perfect all the time. It’s too tedious. Make yourself beautiful by showing the real you. Your flaws complete you.

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.–Albert Einstein.

That one thing that makes me so sad is some girls go under needles just to fit in this world.
This materialistic world is and will be demanding. That doesn’t mean we should change ourselves do drastically. Do know that when you try to impress someone that person is not made for you. You don’t need to impress someone who is already yours.

You aren’t ugly if you are too fat, too thin, black, white or anything the world blames you to be. Its you who can define yourself the best. You don’t need the world to judge you and ask you to change. Doll yourself up if that makes you happy but you don’t need a it to impress anyone. You are truly beautiful because of what you are and the flaws are your final touches. Your flaws describe the struggles you have been m through. They crown the battles you have won. If a person doesn’t want you because of them then they don’t deserve you.

Staying original will only bring out the best in you. If self diminishing thoughts facts have been frequenting your mind then, STOP and THINK.

I’d like to end this post with a quote by Dr. Seuss,

Today you are you
That’s truer than true
There’s nobody who
Is you-er than you!


Bye. x


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