This post again is one of the most personal issues for me. I didn’t talk much about it with anybody mostly because it used to make me uncomfortable. But time changes how we think. It changed my approach and this is one change I am truly happy of.

By Colors I didn’t mean a rainbow of red,blue,yellow, or green. For me color has a deeper meaning.


Most people assume that it has stopped now. Unfortunately it is not about stopping or starting, it’s about the mindset of our community. It is not something people should have to fight for. Nobody has any right whatsoever to say anything about body color.
It’s a shame on those who say it. I know that people from many other countries are also reading my blog and I am posting this so that those who suffer from such antagonism or may recover their self love.

My Nightmares.

Personally, yes, I have been a victim of racism. Family? Friends? Both. Those days all I feared of was nasty comments on my color. I cried. I tried to scratch myself only to get rid of this skin. It killed my confidence, my love for myself, it killed me. All I would wish or pray for was a fair skin to fit in with the others. I hated myself for I how I looked and the skin I wore. That’s the impact those comments left on me. And I am sure I’m not alone in this mess.

How it turned into a dream.

One day as I was getting ready, I looked at myself in the mirror. Closed my eyes and imagined my face with a fair tone. To be honest I looked ugly. That was the time when it got me. Obviously I was made this way because it perfectly suited my face! Why do I need to become fair to look pretty? When I already am pretty in my own skin.

What I then did was not change my complexion but change the people I surrounded myself with. If they can’t like me the way I am then I too shouldn’t care what they think of me. I realized that I don’t need such people who would always want me to change. I found new people. People who loved me. Who loved the way I looked. People who loved my color. And I know I am surrounded by the right people now. I love my skin. I became proud of my color. And till date, I am a very proud owner of myself. I am judge by my color no more. I can live without having this fear of being told how dark I am because now I am told how beautiful I look just being me.

People out there please understand this. You don’t need anyone to judge you for your color. You fit perfectly into it. Be black or be white, you will always be pretty for being yourself. Being the true you brings out your real beauty.

This reminds me of a stanza from the poem, ‘The Little Black Boy’ by William Blake.

          “My mother bore me in the southern wild,
        And I am black, but O my soul is white
           White as an angel is the English child,
       But I am black, as if bereav’d of light.”

Bereav’d of light: This phrase tells us that light was taken away from the boy. The “light” p refers to the inner self that is revealed through his soul, not his skin!

So, let’s not make judgmental comments get to us. Let’s start living the bright way! Find people who love you not for how you look. Be proud of your color. Be proud of yourself. YOU LOOK AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! x


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