Shop the right way!

Hi! I forgot to mention one thing about me, I am a currently a student of Fashion Designing although I write this. My blog, I guess, is out of my love for writing and reading. However my real passion is to see people well dressed!

Being a student of fashion designing, I now know the pros and cons of a particular dress for the person who would wear it. I can tell what will make a heavy person look leaner and a short person seem taller. I can also make a very tall person appear an inch or so shorter to your eyes. Being a fashion designer isn’t about expensive designer dresses. It is about getting the cut and color right out to bring out the best in your figure. It is about flaunting the right curves and highlighting the right planes. It is about knowing what would suite you as if it was MADE FOR YOU!

Yes, I want people to walk in fashion, live in fashion and die in fashion. But I never want any of you to become a victim to fashion. That’s a disaster.

I would rather give you the points and not go on writing paragraphs. After all, it’s the best way to remember!


• The people who have short heights should always go for stripes. VERTICAL stripes because the vertical stripes would attract the eyes more and will make the viewers get a longer look of you.

• If you have a really tall height then vertical stripes is not what you should opt for. Your thing would be HORIZONTAL stripes. Because that would cut our vision when we first see you. As the height is what grabs our eyes first, the stripes will then dominate it and make the height look shorter.

• If you have a heavy body then wearing red can make you look even heavier. The color that can make you look a little leaner is Black.

• If you are skinny and would like to go for a little chubbiness them Red is perfect for you.

• When you are going out for an interview then one should go for something Blue. Blue is taken to be a loyal color. And loyalty is necessary if you apply for a job, people expect loyal employees, don’t they?

• The color Yellow is the one that can automatically make people think that you are a happy-go-lucky girl. Yellow makes you look cheerful.

• White makes one look pure and innocent. Like brides in Christian weddings. White is a calm color.

• What I prefer is to never buy anything and everything that grabs your eyes because it might not grab the body that perfectly and can make you look odd. It is then that you become a victim to fashion. One should always wear such things in which they can breathe and feel comfortable in.

• If you have heavy thigh then please avoid wearing tight shorts because the tightness would cut into the thighs and would make the whole whole appearance bad. Same goes for girls with heavy chest.

• If you wear something white, wear nude underwears because the others colors can give a peek-a-boo through the white. We don’t want wardrobe malfunctioning now, do we?

Just because something is in fashion, you don’t need to wear it. Wear only what suits you. Don’t wear it because you feel you must. Don’t be victimized by fashion itself. Fashion is all about YOU. You need not be glamorous or bling-bling but please make sure that you are comfortable. I promise you then that the sense of fashion in you will bloom.

I hope these points help you. Remember, know your body, shop and dress accordingly. Everyone out there is a model. YOU are a model!

Cheers to dressing the right way! 🍻


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