Shopping blunder!

Hey! Last Sunday I went to the mart to get myself a baby body oil and a folder. However planning to buy something and sticking to it is tough. Really tough. It’s possible perhaps if you are that bankrupted. Well, I wasn’t. Thankfully. So as I mentioned, I had a plan in mind to buy a baby body oil and a folder but came back home with these. Typical me-style!

As I was going through the home-ware aisle, I came across a rack of mugs and pretty cups. Though I don’t entertain coffee but I’m a big fan of tea. However, I like take tea only in mugs! Also I love collecting different kinds of mugs. I feel cute new mugs encourage me to relax more. Somehow. As you might have known, I have a cat and I absolutely love cats. And look what I found! A Kitty on the mug. HAD to buy it!

Favorite Mug now!

The next stop was the cosmetic aisle. I was pretty sure that we weren’t out of shampoos but I just had to buy this. Mostly, I wanted to try it out. I generally change my shampoo and conditioner to find out what suits me the best. I have been using my now ex-shampoo for pretty long and so a change was called for. The size of the bottle is really appreciative. And I am curious to try a shampoo by Revlon too.

At the end I did buy a folder but I forgot my body oil as I was too excited to buy sweets and candy afterwards. I won’t bore you with pictures and descriptions about the sweets and candies. I don’t want to tempt you too much.

I thought I’d just have a sit-down-and-chat kind of a post as I haven’t done it before. Hope it was fun reading.

Bye. x.

P.S. Once I use my new shampoo, I’ll let you know how it is. *_*


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