Being a bookworm!

Are you a bookworm? I AM!
I wasn’t one being a kid but after a certain age, things changed. I couldn’t leave the book until I was done with it. I still remember my first storybook, ‘The hare and the tortoise’. I remember knowing every line of it. I loved it, obviously, probably because it was my first ever storybook.
Then I passed so many phases and so did my taste for books.

Well, at the moment I number of books have heaped up in my room. Many friends have gifted me books recently. I haven’t been able to complete them yet as college and practicals have had my attention.
All I now plan now is to make out some time to read them.

Need to finish these…especially the Classics! ❤

If you have any good book you would suggest I read, then please leave the book’s name in the comments. As soon as this to-be-read list  becomes my ex, I’ll order some from your suggestions.
     Because, book is one friend who will never  leave you.



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