His Birthday!!


This post isn’t about beauty or fashion. If you are keen about knowing me or my life then read on.

By the title, you can already guess it’s about someone. Someone very special 🙂
As you know from a previous post, my best friend is Shouvik. It’s his birthday today. A day I eagerly wait for the entire year. I am not a very good birthday-goer but his birthday is a completely different issue. Maybe that is only obvious for someone who means the world to you.

And this stud! :p

He is away at the moment. Hundreds of kilometers away. Away! He is out there studying. But birthday boy 😦 I miss you. I miss you everyday but today it just got a lot worse.

I started planning since December for this day. He is not a book lover. So no books. He is a HE. So no makeup or any of that stuff. And he is just one of a kind. ❤ Different from everyone I have ever known! It's hard to choose something for him. And so this year it was just the same routine again. Making lists and then cancelling it and making a new one. I want it to be perfect and I want him to love it as much as I would.
The Hunt Is Hard…

However at this moment, I feel SO helpless. How do I give him the blast he deserves from this far away? Yet, I want him to feel special even if he is so far away from me. That he is missed everyday and on this day, the very most ❤

Though miles may lie between us.
We are never apart, for friendship and love miles don’t count.
I miss you.

Good old days! Wish you were here 🙂 But Have the Happiest Birthday!


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