Broken Butterfly?

Are you a recent broken butterfly? Are those beautiful wings of yours broken?
Don’t you want to get up and fly again? Don’t you want to spread the magic you have in your heart? Don’t you feel like sprinkling the fairy dust and making your life beautiful…. yet again?
Maybe it’s hard now. You are scared, someone will break you again. But love, the broken pieces will make you stronger when you put yourself back together.
From my personal experience, I was broken 3 times and by the same person. However I have learnt to be happy with all that I have and all that I can have.
A broken heart hurts horribly. It’s natural. It’s completely okay. It’s probably the only time when you don’t know what you should do. A time when you just keep lying in the bed thinking about what you had and what could have been.
The butterflies that once fluttered in your stomach feels like dead weight. I know. Been through it.
It’s only YOU who can heal thy self. Do what you love. Indulge in the verbs that can keep you happy. Go out with friends. Watch movies. I tell you, Disney movies were my best medicine. As you start dreaming again, your wings will heal. You will learn to fly again.

And this time? Don’t fly off to another land, instead,


Don’t sit down and cry for your loss. Get up and live your life. You are strong! You just have to believe in yourself.

Wings may break again and again. We have to take that risk because life’s one huge adventure. If you are in constant fear of what’s to come, you’ll forget to enjoy yourself. Don’t limit yourself to the sky. Fly beyond.

I am no life expert but the stardust in me always wants to see people happy,happy and happy. So, I sincerely hope this helps.
Bye. x


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