Smiling is not Hard.

Hey there!
I promised myself of to smile a lot and spend every day as if it was my last. So, I thought, why not write about it to all my lovely readers?

Everybody go through such moments where they forget how to smile. That is sad.
My love doves! Make-up can make you look amazing but your best make-up is your Smile.
Just for once..when you wake up, get your sleepy-self onto the floor..and do yourself a little favor. Go up to the mirror and look at it.
Who do you see?

A beautiful person looking right back at you. Smile at her. And see how she grows more beautiful. Every time you happen to cross a mirror. Stop! Look! and smile back at that lovely lady you see there.

Ooh! A chubby me! :p

Smile like it’s glued to you. The more you smile the more your life sees a better view of everything around you. All those negative thoughts just run away.
The world will always try to change you. Bad people will try to break you but, Smile. Every bad thing gets killed by a sweet smile.
Change the world with your smile but NEVER LET THE WORLD CHANGE YOUR SMILE.


Chubby me back… 😀 

Spread the smile.


Sorry if i scared you :p

Live your life like it is your last day. I personally feel that any moment one can simply pass away. And imagine yourself spending the time before like an old grumpy woman. Everyone has to die and dying is not a bad thing. It’s natural but the bad thing is living a life sadly. Even if you think you have no reason for which you can be happy..then let me tell you. The best reason to be happy is YOU! Love yourself so much that loneliness can never get to you. Learn to love yourself and you will learn to love others in the way. As you love others, they too will gradually love you more and more.
For me..I feel writing or doing what I like will just keep me going when I feel low. Everybody feels low and lonely some day or the other but we have the rest of our lives to enjoy,live,have fun and what not.
Have you ever made a wish list about what you want to do before you die? I have and I try my best to get them done. Every day when I wake up, I rise up with a new hope of doing everything that I couldn’t achieve yesterday. I then try my best to get them done and set some new targets for that day. Never think one, “Bunk, I have tomorrow to finish this, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Because, then that tomorrow will never come. You hardy know if you will live the next momen. How can you postpone your work till tomorrow? Just finish it NOW!

Live such a life that people get inspirations from you. I hope this has helped you and I hope I could inspire you with these thoughts. I pray everyone who will be reading this now leaves the blog with a smile. Smile at yourself and smile at everyone. Your life will smile back at you. I promise. Pinky Promise.

Bye loves. x


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