What’s in my handbag??!

I have seen so many people do this, by the header you already know what I mean. Yep! It’s a What’s In My Handbag post.
To be honest, I am a very nosey person since childhood. I was always curious about what my mother carried in her bag. That curiosity remained unabated for long. But, recently I have started carrying a bag myself. Usually, I didn’t carry one before because because it felt like a burden on my shoulder, but now I realised how useful and fashionable this accessory can be.
Done with my blabbering. Lets get started! 😀

That’s my handbag. It’s a Lino Perros leather sling bag. I am very pleased with this purchase because it was somewhat near a 1000 bucks and I got it for 699 bucks. Which is AmAAAAZing for a leather bag!!! I bought it online from Amazon on sale. (Obviously! Silly me. :p )

And that’s all the things that were inside it. (A little note, I don’t really clean up my bad daily. I just do it only when it seems to overflow with junk :p)

I’ll start from the left side of the picture.

•The first thing is my purse. It was a gift from an aunt. She got it for free from the brand Colorbar for being a good regular customer, I guess! :p Anyway, I am using that lately but I am planning to change it because the card section is not enough for me.
•My little coin purse. I LOVE collecting coins! My friends make fun of me for it but that doesn’t matter. I enjoy it! 😀
•Next stop is my portable charger and earphones. Objects of dire need. _/|\_
•A notebook and a pen. I keep for sudden blog ideas and for doodling when I’m bored.
•Some random receipts. I always stash them in the bag after buying stuff and then just forget about it!
•My cat eye shades. Need I say more? 😉
•A hand sanitizer for hygiene but I should check it’s expiry date. :p
•Some Band-Aids.O Better be prepared than caught unaware!
•Finally my goody-bag. Let me tell you what it contains.

– I have a Baby lips.
– A sunscreen of Just Herbs because the sun loves India waaay too much! :p
– A folding comb and a compact mirror.(That’s what you call it, right?)
– Colossal for just-in-case cases.

Well, the load I carry everyday. Not much compared to many out there. But to each her own.

Keep rocking \m/

Bye. x


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