Daily Blog | All day work day (14.8.15)

Welcome to my first ever daily blog post #1. *woop woop*
Well, I had college today but I didn’t go. :p Call it my laziness.
However it wasn’t a lie-all-day day for me, more like a work-all-day day!
I had some baked beans and toasties for breakfast. *YUM*

Happy-after-YUM-breakfast-look but ugly
and work loaded me 😦

And then I headed straight to my room and started working. As you can see in the pictures. When it was about 2:00 pm, I gave myself a break and went down for lunch.
However right after lunch I went back to my work area and by 3:30 I was done with my file 1.

Messy work station
Starting with it!Β 
A part of it.
Actually I have 3 teachers for our 1st semester. Today I finished my work load for my mentor. Next mission was to finish a project given by another teacher. *aaghhhh*

Well, recently I have been the up-from-bed-and-straight-under-the-shower girl but today had to be different. My bunk-college-for-work plan got me no time for a morning shower. I opened my wardrobe for some clean clothes but ended up cleaning the entire thing. -_-

A clean wardrobe is PERF! A messy wardrobe gets on my nerve! >_<

Finally I had a bath! It felt so good. πŸ˜€ Generally in India people have cold water showers but I prefer hot ones. Hot relaxes my muscles and dissipates the stiffness especially on days like this when I sit at one place working and working and WORKing!
A bath it was!

A clean,fresh and bright ME! *no makeup*
And pretty round dark circles :p they love me πŸ˜€

In the evening..I managed to do some more college work. Ta-Da! I actually put myself under a lot of pressure which I shouldn’t have I guess. People who know me generally tell me not to overthink things but I end up doing it.
Anyway, the thing is I got carried away. Silly me. :p
For dinner I had bread,baked beans *YUM again* and sausages *double YUM*. πŸ˜€
I do like having an early dinner because I tend to get a little sleepy soon after 8:00. It’s like all my energy is drained out by this time. However, if I talk to my best friend at night then it becomes no-sleep night. πŸ˜€ Honestly, it depends.
Well, before I hit the bed, I spent my time talking to mom and dad and gran and obviously my lovely cat..Lalu :*
and watchef some TV.
That was me for today! I hope you had a great day too πŸ™‚
Bye. x

Last work of the day? DONE πŸ˜€


The quality of the picture is bad as you can see
I clicked it from my *broken* phone :p
Sorry for that :p

This outfit of the day was just a last minute thought.
Well I am wearing a maxi dress which I purchased from a street stall. Not any high end stuff but it is pretty and summer-time themed.


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