10 things I love in my wardrobe!

Writing this post was hard. Really hard because it was somehow impossible for me to choose 10 favourite things from my wardrobe. But here I am. Hard job accomplished! *Claps*

 So these are the 1st 5 items that I want to show you…

And as always, I’ll start from the left side of the picture.
• The first one is a peplum top. This top hugs me and flaunts every curve that I have very perfectly. I really like the combination of black and white. And the velvet flower details catch the eye. BTW this isn’t something I purchased, it was given by an aunt who lives in Manchester. So that’s that.
• Next I have this cheetah printed top. I absolutely love, Love, LOVE anything with a cheetah print on it. I don’t know why but I guess the print to me says – Sexy yet Dangerous. Which sounds really hot to me. :p And this top hugs oh-so-lovingly as well.
• Next up I have plain blue shirt. I don’t know why but I really love simple and sober shirts. And this color is one of my favs. Wearing this always makes me feel confident. So love this one too ❤
• The 4th one would be this maxi dress. I love the colors. The color literally shouts -Summer, Popsicle, Ice-Creams, Flowers, Warm air, blah blah…everything summer means. 😀 Let me tell you, I am a huge fan of Summer and absolutely dread Winter. Maxi dresses can really make you look tall! It does so for me. 
• The final 5th thing is this Indian Ethnic wear. This blue saree is really special because I personally LOVE the renowned designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. I adore his creations. I have seen so many celebs wear his and look absolutely Amazing with a capital A! Though I am not saying this saree is from his collection but the border of the saree, that’s from his border design collection!! And trust me it’s a dream for me to have. We don’t know about the future but for now having something designed by him is dreams! I bought this from a shop named Saarang. 

So these are my next 5 items I love from my wardrobe.

• The 6th one here is this green dress. Maybe it’s the color that really gets me. I madly love this color. Anything of this color just makes me go cray cray zee zee! There is nothing soo special about it. Yeah, it is really sober and ladylike when you wear it but the color is why I love it so much. However I have a little secret attached to it. I love Deepika Padukone and once she wore something similar to this on an award function. Though her dress was backless but it was somewhat similar and this stupid fact just makes me like it even more. :p
• Next one is not as interesting. Its a pair of leggings that I adore. Because I am so thin, every jeans I owned can fit two of me, :p so leggings is what I love now. And this black legging was given to me by the same aunt who gave me the peplum and ooh also the green dress above. 
• This skirt is mostly loved for its memories :p *not sharing that one :p * but yeah I generally wear it with the peplum top and the whole thing just makes me look like a lady. I am a lady but what I meant was that it brings out my ladyness because I am a sloth by nature. 😀 The end part of the skirt has 2 strips of net. So its really transparent at the bottom part. So one needs to be careful while wearing it.
• The 2nd last thing would be this Pink Panther PJs. Oh my gosh! I am wearing this thing since my hostel days. And I had 3 or 4 requests to give this PJ to them. They loved it so much. And I sneakily brought it back with me because I too loved it. :p *naughty me* So this PJs have been with me through heartbreak and happiness. They know me. It’s got pink panther all over it and has SLY GUY written under it. 
• And the last thing would be lingerie! 😀 Which obviously I am not displaying. It won’t be allowed I guess. :p anyway another little thing about me is that I really love buying lingerie. Cute ones, matching ones, with designs or prints. :p
So that’s the top ten from my wardrobe. I would love to see your favs too. Tag whoever you think might enjoy this. Feel free to leave your comments and also leave your blog link so that I can go and enjoy reading your blog too. ❤
Bye. x

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