Loooooooooooong time no blog!

Heya guys!
Sorry for not posting for so long 😦
Yes, as per my heading, looooooooooong time no blog. Now that is because I have been verrry veerry busy with my recent schedule which is completing deadlines for my fashion designing projects. Its due next week and I have 3 subjects altogether. You could obviously say, “it’s nothing.” But then in one subject I have 3 projects, in the other FIVE and the 3rd subject just has a file. So my 1st semesters will soon be starting and before that, I need to submit all of this. 
I have got some stiff muscles lately for working and working. Thinking and rethinking about designs every second and presenting it by sketching it perfectly is tough. 
I have recently been out to shop a little. It was a girls day out kind of thing. Just 2 of my new girlfriends and me. Got some new stuff and will soon show it too and this time I promise you it would be clear and a DSLR shot. :p
Anyways I should be leaving now because I feel the projects are continuously staring at me and telling me to complete them. As soon as I’m done, I can blog again. Mostly daily blog. I miss it. And I miss you.
Okay..hope you have a nice day.
Bye. x

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