Getting into that Christmas Mood

Hello guys!

It might be a little too early for this post. However, as November comes up I can’t wait but bring out my fake christmas tree, ornaments and my most loved fairy lights.

As you can see in the pictures above that’s how I welcome the good cheer of Christmas .

This year.. Just let’s start it together..

1- Christmas Tree (If you have any fake Christmas tree like I do then get them out. As you can see I have a pretty small one and I keep it on my table.)

2- Fairy Lights (Everybody loves fairy lights. So get those cute guys out! As many as you can and put them up. Be it windows or rooms, just spread the lights and colors everywhere. It makes the air warmer and more festive. Do decorate your Christmas tree though. :p )

3- Candles or Diffusers ( Candles or diffuesers are must as it is winter and candles can really warm up the house. Scented one would be lovelier.)

4- Ornaments ( Get your ornaments out babe and get those decorations up. This is no time to be lazy.)

These are just some *getting into the mood* ideas. Lets not go all out or else people will be like WOAH THERE! WAIT UP! :p
P.S- You can get festive blankets out but let’s be honest where I live it’s still not that cold :p You can if your place is chilly at night. šŸ™‚

I hope these little tit-bit ideas brighten up your mood. Smile people! Christmas isn’t far.

See you guys soon. Bye x


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