Winter Ready Lipcolors

November is here…soon December will be with us and baby it’s winter time! Do u see it? Can u smell it?? Feel It?
To me winter is all about red, maroons, greens. Well, that’s what I think. And when it comes to lip colors during this time of the year…I guess going with a minimum makeup but bold lip color is all WOW!

I mean.. Just imagine yourself walking down town in a nice trenchcoat with a beanie to match with it and then your lips– RED!

There you go, Just what I had in mind.. šŸ˜€

Well these are some of the shades I would totally vouch for this season.

From left to right-

  • Avon simply pretty color bliss lipstick in the shade RICH WINE.
  • Avon ultra color rich in the shade MOSAIC PLUM.
  • Avon liptick in the shade BERRY DELIGHT.
  • No. 17 lasting fix in the shade GRAPE VINE.
  • Astor Paris in the shade NIGHT IN BRAZIL.

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