Dealing with my Anxiety.

It’s been 2 months I guess that I haven’t blogged. To be honest I will not be taking this blog as a job. I’ll let it be my open journal. I do have terrible anxiety problems for which this does sound like a scary thing to do for me but I will try to keep up.
Christmas, New Year went all soooo fast that I couldn’t cope up with it and my best friend came over too (thats a different story and joyful days).
I am still not sure about writing because of my anxiety I think you (readers online) won’t like it and leave bad comments. I am one of those people who can have all the support from everyone but one bad comment can send me to a dungeon. I need to build up my confience level and for which I need to sort out my anxiety  problems too.

       And let me tell you guys having anxiety problems doesn’t make you abnormal. Having anxiety is normal. I repeat: Having anxiety is NORMAL but not treating it or sorting it out is abnormal.

Right now I am going through the same stage and then as I was ready to sleep because I just wanted wanted to forget everything that was making me sick…the positive me with all white angelic clothes popped in my head and said –
 ” You are having panic attacks right now and you are literally waiting for your best friend to come online so you can pour your heart out to him but at least you have someone. What if there is someone out there going through the same thing but doesn’t have anyone to share to? How bad can that be?!!”
  And so I decided to write this. I jumped up on my bed and switched my laptop to life and started typing and erasing..typing….erasi….

One thing is for sure…If you let your anxiety just be there and chill, it won’t! It will grow on you and over you. Kill it when it’s just a sapling. I have missed soo many opportunities because I let it grow. Please don’t do the same mistake?
  JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH (like my darling dashing Benedict Cumberbatch is telling you to)

Share your problem with a professional, who you know can help you, with anyone you like/love or if you have no one? just blog it or write a journal. After writing this down I feel a little better. 🙂
I hope you guys like it and it helps yo too. And I’ll be soon come back.
Bye. x


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