What to do when you feel you are drifting apart from someone.

Maybe sometimes the strongest relationships are drifted apart as well. Relationships doesn’t always have to be about a boyfriend and girlfriend. Relations can be found anywhere and everywhere. Mother-Child relation, Father-Child, a shop and their trusty old customer and obviously wife-husband or boyfriend-girlfriend. But all the relations reach to their final destination by crossing the 1st stage…Friendship. That is one relation that gets stronger with time if you pay attention and give it love but that is one of the most fragile stage as well.
For example- If there is a huge tree and everybody knows how mighty it is. However one day someone attacks the roots of the tree. The tree is lose its balance.
The same is with friendship..thats the root to every relationship.

I am no expert but I am saying this because I feel somewhere through last year…I lost my only best friend too. I don’t know who is to be blamed. I generally don’t blame people because I feel its pointless. One should realise his/her own faults first rather than blaming it onto the other. I don’t know how to solve it or to speak up…thats mainly because this topic makes me anxious. So obviously the best way I always find is to stop my emotions and never bring the topic. However that just makes it worse. Things have changed. Our cheerful music reversed its tune. It is like having salt without pepper or a sun without its moon. Suddenly we became miles apart. Two different people with nothing the same.
  I am sure while reading this there is someone in your head too who you know is drifting apart or has drifted apart from you. However sitting down with that thought and feeling sad won’t work..will it?

I want my best friend back but starting this topic with him is something I fear. It is when I get panic attacks and so I need to start working on that before everything is too late. On yesterday’s blog I said about talking to my best friend. I did try and that is when I realised nothing is same as before.

2 targets I need to make myself before my i.e-(18th April) that:-
  • I will try to get over my anxiety.
  • I will work on our friendship.

Maybe making targets with deadline will help me stay focused.

My posts suddenly seem to go too deep and gloomy. I am sorry for that..honestly. I will get back to better ones. I promise.
A girl does something will actually do SOMETHINGS now 🙂

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