Being a Fashion Student.

People might wonder being a student of fashion designing is easy but let me tell you…ITS NOT!

The fashion industry has soo many designers that its a tough fight to reach to that level. 
Since I had that sense for what to match with what while dressing up I have always wanted to create something. I had little doodling of dresses in my head whereever I went or whatever I did. When I was 7/8 years old my family realised how much I loved designing. I remember making little dresses and sewing them at that age for my dolls. At that time only I knew what I wanted be when I grow up.
And somehow Yes! I have managed to become a student of fashion designing.

Choosing this as my career just because I have to earn something for a living…I do this because I love this. Designing things, decorating, stylising just makes me feel I am notalone and MASSIVELY helped me during anxious moments. It’s like a family. The more I love doing this..the more it loves me back and I guess that’s the best feeling EVER!

I am thankful to my friends and family that they have encouraged me soo much but mostly to those people who criticised my works.

These are some of the art works I have done so far. 🙂 I hope you like it as well. *fingers crossed*

I will showcase my 1st semester works on another post. These are just some parts of them and some are just for fun. I am not expert or pro but I just wanted to share these with people reading what I blabber. :p


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