How to survive through exams (especially when you hate it!)

Ah! This dreadful time when exams are near and all of a sudden your sleep is always kissing your eyelids. (that doesn’t count for me as I am an Insomaniac :p ) Anyways, surviving through this period is one of the stressful times in our life I guess. Even if someone isn’t stressed about the studying but is stressed about *how to cheat the next day* :p Some way or the other everyone is stressed. My 2nd Semester is getting over soon but before that I have my exams too. I have my due dates for submitting my projects from next week hence I am soo tied up with all the work.

Leaving me aside…Here is how I survive through such stressful days-

  • Choose the time when you have a clear mind. Some people like to study during daytime and some during night time. Depending on that choose your time and turn off any distractions mainly (laptop, phone, tv, ipods ,etc)
  • Always study the hard ones first because generally people tend to waste their time on the easy ones and leave the ones that can get you more marks for the last part. Sadly the last part never turns up.
  • When nothing starts to get into your head, take a break and chill for sometime otherwise even if you try studying your brain wont memorise it.
  • Make goals before you start studying. So for that day you would finish some particular topics and if you reach the goal. Treat yourself with something you love.
  • Think about the fun things you would absolutely want to do after your exams are over because then you would be pumped up all over the exam period and not feel dead and miserable.
  • Revise. I know EVERYBODY says this but honestly give a little more time for your revision because people generally revise during the last 5 mins before exam. Whereas you should be all positive and confident at that time.
Well, Thats how I tend to survive during my exam days. (A little secret :p I dont always follow what I just wrote…but following these wont get you a F for sure.) I hope it helps you if you too are a wreck like me during exams.
Bye. x

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