50 Facts About Me Tag Questions.

I love doing such kind of posts…I dont know why. I am a little weirdo 😛
Anyways here you go..50 random facts about me.

  1. Full name- Deboleena Biswas (obviously…*rolling eyes*)
  2. Zodiac Sign- Aries
  3. 3 Fears- Spiders, Water and losing loved ones.
  4. 3 Things I love- Drawing, keeping everyone in a good jolly mood and reading.
  5. My best friend- Shouvik (check my post about ‘My Extra Hand’ or ‘His Birthday’)
  6. Last Song I listened to- Crazy In Love by Beyonce.
  7. 4 Turn Ons- Personality, Smell, Humour and Animal Lover.
  8. 4 Turn Offs- People who hurt animals, People who dont respect elders or women, too much attention and a fight with some loved one.
  9. What color underwear I am wearing right now- Black (oohoo! pretty random there…)
  10. Why Did I Start Blogging- Because I love writing and this helps me with my anxiety at times.
  11. How many tattoos do I have?- None (I am a little chicken about inking needles)
  12. How many piercings do I have?- 2…1 each on my ears.
  13. How I feel right now?- I feel calm and happy.
  14. Something I really, really, really want?- good memories and to get along with my best friend again.
  15. My Relationship Status- Single (since 1997) 
  16. Meaning Behind my URL- I am a sort of person who wont be sitting at a place doing nothing. I will no doubt be doing something or the other. Hence A Girl Does Something and now I share it with the whole world. ( and thats a little scary as well.)
  17. My Favourite Movies- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Friends With Benefits, I cant remember anything else :p
  18. My Favourite Song- Depends on my mood. 
  19. My favourite Band- Linkin Park, One Direction, Beatles.
  20. 3 Things That Upset Me- Fights with my bestfriend, when I fail to do something and something bad happens to my cat.
  21. 3 Things That Makes Me Happy- Spending time with my bestfriend, drawing and fooling around.
  22. What I find Attractive In Other People- Eyes, Hair, Lips and how soft hearted they are.
  23. Someone I Miss- My best friend. 
  24. Someone I Love- My best friend and my cat.
  25. My Relationship With My Parents- We are pretty frank with eachother.
  26. My Favourite Holiday- That would be anywhere with beaches or forests.
  27. Someone From Movies I Would Date- Ranveer Singh because he is a family guy.
  28. A Confession- I act stronger than I am.
  29. 3 Things That Annoy Me Easily- Serious people, people with no etiquettes and people hovering.
  30. My Favourite Animals- CATS, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Horses.
  31. My Pet(s)- A very proud owner a very beautiful cat,
  32. One thing I have lied about- That I am strong and can bear anything.
  33. Something Thats Worrying Me Currently- My relations with my best friend and my upcoming exams.
  34. An Embarassing Moment- When a friend of mine pulled my joggers down in front of a lot of people (luckily no one noticed)
  35. Where I Work- Nowhere.
  36. Something Thats Constantly In My Mind- My future.
  37. 3 Habits I Have- To forgive easily and forget as well (not one I am really proud of), to always bring needy and homeless animals to home and to decorate every place in the house.
  38. My Futre Goals- Pretty ordinary,,,,A successful designer, a husband who loves me as much as I will love him, 2 kids, a pet or pets and a pretty cosy house to live in.
  39. Something I Fantasize About- To write a book?
  40. My Favourite Store- Shoppers Stop.
  41. My Favourite Food- Pizza.
  42. What I Did Yesterday- Blog, college, homework.
  43. Something I Am Talented At- Drawing?
  44. My Idea Of An Ideal Date- A night in on a sofa with some warm blankets and pizzas and watch some rom-com or horror movie.
  45. My Celebrity Crushe(s)- Ranveer Singh, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Joe Sugg.
  46. My Favourite Blogs- Zoella, Caroline Hirons, A Girl So Obssessed.
  47. Number Of Kids I want?- 2 at least but 3 can also work :p
  48. Do I Smoke/Drink?- I hate smoking and drinks….occasionaly?
  49. What Do I think Of Racists?- As I have faced it…I feel being a racist just shows your character.
  50. A photo of myself- 

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