My Online Vision Board



The pictures above belong to my online vision board. I personally feel having a vision board is essential especially when you can easily fall back. Now let’s not make this post a big and dull one. I’ll just explain how every picture reminds me of.

  1. The first picture is of a woamn doing a yoga pose. I am not a gym person. Ifeel gym would make me more anxious as being in middle of so many people and I’ll end up wasting time. So doing yoga makes me feel good and calm. So seeing that picture would always remind me doing some yoga or just lie down and meditate.
  2. The second one is a lovely quote. I love it because I am one person who easily breaks down at any negative word. So seeing this whenever I feel low will  bring back the sparkle.
  3. LOVE YOURSELF…something everyone should remember.
  4. The next one is again a beautiful quote. When you believe something that you can will do it.
  5. Staying humble and working hard but being kind to others rather than feeling superior or jealous is the best deed. 
  6. Another quote for motivation.
  7. This one is to remind me that I dont work because I have to but because I feel I will design the dream outfit for someone in this world.
  8. A fashion designer’s work area to keep me going.
  9. This note is from my favourite book of all times “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind”. The book is AMAZING!!! I do want everyone who loves reading to read this book at least for once.
  10. My actual dream is to go till the Milan Fashion Week. And seeing this will always remind me how much hard work I need to do at all times.
  11. Yes! My passion and my career is one. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do and I am glad my love is now my upcoming career.
  12. NEW YORK CITY is my dream city to go to! So obviously I want that on my vision board.
  13. A picture of me and my best friend. Obviously I need him beside me and at the moment I need to work hard to make things right. 
  14. This one is just a simple tumblr couple picture. I guess you can make it out by this picture.
  15. A happy family picture. A wife and a husband with their 2 kids and a dog. Ideal family goals.
  16. Santorini! A dream to spend holidays there! Thats another goal for holidays.
  17. The last picture has 2 meanings. The girl in the picture is Zoella as you may know by now. She is an inspiration to me as well. Her videos and blog has made me feel soooo better that I cant even explain in words. Another thing is the message she is saying “Just Say Yes”. The more you say Yes to opportunities the better it gets. So I have that picture with 2 inspirations.
This is my vision board. Pretty simple and minimal. Just the few bits and bobs I need while moving along. I am sure whenever I feel low I’ll come back to this post and have a read. 
I hope you enjoyed it and whosoever is reading this I hope your days are motivational too. 

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