I can’t believe this!!!

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Swan lake ballet dress made out of tissue.

As I am a fashion designing student so obiously I do get tons and tons of projects. One of them is what I just did. I wasnt alone while doing this..Me and my friend Pahomida, did it together. I LOVE ballet and I love swan lake too. The dress!!!! *drooling with heart eyes*
I wished to wear it for once in my life and now I just tried making it! I am stunned and kind of proud of myself! Before showcasing it my other friends showed their designs and I was a little afraid of the fact that we wont be able to do it but I just cooled myself down and kept on putting the last touches that was needed. The best part was the group I feared were better than me…one of the members came and said she was actually jealous of our one! *happy dance moves*
I thought of writing this down because I could contain my happiness and pride anymore. I HAD to share. Even though it has flaws as our Sir in-charge told us but for 1st timer…? The flaws dont bother me but obviously we wil improve.
I forgot to tell you the main thing about this dress :p it’s made out of toilet tissues. Our topic was to make a garment out of waste and what could be more wasteful than some toilet tissue rolls. obviously the base of the dress has a cheap plain cotton fabric but then its all covered up with tissues. The actual swan lake dress was made out feathers but then as our topic was to be best out of waste…tissue was the best substitute to white feathers.
I need to get pinched before I die out of excitement. This excitment is mainly because this would be my first piece to my collection. 😀 Ok…so I am rambling now. I need to go.
Bye x
A girl actually DID something is now signing off. :p


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