Just SOOOO Happy!

Today was my 2nd project submission date and so off I went to college in the morning. As everybody lined up one by one to show what they have done…non of the students allowed me to show first as because they said if Sir checks mine first, he wouldnt like the rest of their works. (which is not true. I am no expert and Sir isnt that partial) But anyways I showed him my project at the end. On every design I got best remarks and all the other students became soooo hyper. Hyper as in they started telling Sir that they too did a lot of hardwork so please he should too give them marks too. At the end he graded me an A+ and wrote a great remark on my 2nd semester ending certificate. I was already soooo happy but the story didnt just end there. I was doing some work given by Sir when he asks for my project again. I do give it to him and he then calls the whole class to his table…and then says these words..
” Look at this file. Do you think she did it in 1 day only? She dedicated her time and hardwork to it soo much that when she submitted this project her vibes were more of *I challenge you to deduct marks if can* and honestly I can’t find a place from where I can actually deduct marks. IT’S PERFECTION. You all should be inspired from her rather than passing comments. I can now show this project to the juniors and tell them to do better than this because that would be a challenge for them. At some places I couldn’t even figure out whether she drew it or printed it because it was so perfect. I can say that she will be one dedicated fashion designer.”

This being said actually just made my life! This means soooo much to me. Everything that I always wanted to be, to do is now actually said to be perfect! That’s like Disney movies..where dreams comes true. I don’t want to brag about myself because I know I am not the best. There are people who are way better than me. However I just wanted to share this because if I can write and share my anxiety problems with everyone then they should be a part of my happiness too. Everything Sir said has inspired me more and all the critics motivated me more. My mother is my biggest critic I would say, she will always find something wrong with every design and that makes me angry but then she always tell me to take it as a positive note. She tells me to do something that the biggest critic too surrenders. I got an A+ only because I love what I do. And its pure true love. And to a new year….This HAS TO BE A GREAT START.
To other people who would be reading this…Please never give up on something that you love. Believe and take it to be true and it will be. Show passion and love for what you do and it will love you more.
*I can’t stop smiling today and probably I wont be able to go to sleep because of the happiness*
But a girl does something is signing off for now.
Bye x.


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