If I were stranded in a dessert….Which 5 beauty products would I bring?

Though its really scary to think about getting stranded in a dessert but even if I do I’ll probably need these 5 stuff for sure.

As you can see the perfume bottle has an itsy bit left because I love the smell soo much. A friend of mine introduced it to me and now its time I get anoter one. :p

  • Perfume- Davidoff Cool Water.
  • Lip Balm- Biotique Sunflower Lip Balm.
  • Cream- Johnson Baby Cream.
  • Sunscreen- Lotus Safe Sun SPF 30. (Formula is for Indian Summer)
  • Mascara- Rimmel Sexy Curves.
  • Makeup Bag- Next

  1. Lip Balm/Butter/Oil anything would work till the time its keeping them moisturised because I tend to get dry lips very easily and then I start licking them which is extremely bad.
  2. Johnson Baby Cream because why not? I feel baby creams are more nourishing than any other cream and obviously dessert is a dry place and I want to look hydrated.
  3. Mascara! I can go to anywhere wearing no makeup but I’ll always put a little bit of mascara for sure. I have long lashes and for me a little mascara can make my eyes look more awake.
  4. Perfume/Deoderant…not that I stink :p but obviously its good to smell nice always.
    1. Sunscreen! A freaking dessert and no sunscreen?! I mean getting a bit of sunlight to the skin is not harmful but a full on tan is not that great as well. So I’ll have that too.
    Well, there you go! My 5 beauty products that I would bring with me if I were to be stranded in a dessert.
    Bye. x

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