Recent Project Ideas.

I vanished for somedays because I had due dates of my projects and was realllly busy with all of that. The last date was today but I will be submitting on Monday *permission taken* because I haven’t finished my work. (naughty typical lazy me). However I did miss writing so here I am again! Even though I still have some sewing left but I have half of today and 2 more days.
Anyways I have been going through a lot of Pinterest, Google searches and not to forget Youtube about some room decor styles. I am crazy about decorating or redecorating my places because I feel having the same style for a long while becomes boring and then you feel dull too. Well, I am that kind of person obviously there are people who like  to stay just the way it is. They are comfortable that way and I am this way.
I still dont know what look do I really want for my room but I will keep you updated if there are slight changes. However I want more of Whites, Golds or Rose Gold, Black, Prints and Textures. I am at the moment thinking about doing a DIY Black and White wall photo collage beside my bed. And yeah I really reallllly want to spray paint my furnitures into white. At the moment they are Apple White I guess. But before that I need permission from Mum. *toughest part* Some bright flowers would be perfect and beautiful quotes hanged on walls or maybe just written down on the cushions. Saying that i have plans on some sewing projects too like cushion covers. My pinterest account will have the pins of ideas that I want to you can go give a check to that. I do need to declutter as well. I mean sometimes we have thing that we actually dont need anymore. Everybody has unless they have been following the The Konmari Method lifestyle. But other than that we all have certain things we only hold onto because of memories. Thats ok, I do too but there are other things too that we can easily give it to people who might need them. Something comes to us for a reason and when the work is done they are meant for someone else because if you are not using it someone else might. So keeping that in mind I would be doing some decluttering also. I need to vacuum every bit of my room because my beloved little cottonball (cat) has been leaving her furs everywhere which let me tell you guys is very irritating. I go to college and my friends will always be like you look like you had a fur coat on. Story of a cat owner *sighs*.
So this is what I am thinking and mostly spending time doing projects and searching for ideas. Oh yes! I have my 2nd semester exams from next week Wednesday so I might not be blogging much but if I do get time I will for sure.

A girl does something signs off now.
Bye x.


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