Embarassing Old Photos!

Childhood pictures are those moments captured where we are happy to see it but at the same time really embarassed especially about what we wore (unless you were born in a Stylist’s house ;P )
It’s been 2 days that I have been going through my old pictures and MY GOSH I FEEL I WENT FROM RAG TO RAMP! Trust me I feel like that! Back then if I told somebody I wanted to be a Fashion Designer…they would have a good laugh! Its embarassing but at the same time its really amazing to see the transformation of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Well see for yourself and enjoy!

Before and Now Pictures:

I have brows now, a defined nose, less chubby fingers and a better haircut!! But that same old pose though 🙂

That’s my aunt! She is like the substitute of a mother to me! And well I sure had no brows back then! *can’t stop laughing*

And that’s me and my mom. I look cooked in the old photo! My God! And that pathetic haircuts I got!! I did something with my life! 😛

Oh I was sure fat back then. That’s me on my Farewell party when I was in hostel (right) and this photo was taken last year on our very own Durga Puja (Festival) (left side photo).

I sure have grown some brows, got a better haircut, gone wat too leaner, a little fairer and more presentable. Not to forget the FASHION SENSE! That level of swag is too high to maintain! *lmao…literally*

There are other pictures of me too of when I lived in Manchester. But that’s for another post. I actually have an exam tomorrow but as my prep is done. I sat down to write because I just had to show this even though I am soooooo embarassed! Anyways gotta go now.
Bye x.

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