What to do + Not to do when you miss someone.

There has been times when somebody has to miss someone. Be it your boyfriend, husband, mom, dad, sister, brother, bestfriend etc. Just someone you know and love and now you just want to see them. (Duh Debo! Obvio nobody misses a stranger…everyone would only miss someone they know)
Anyways, Here is what one should do or not do when you are in such a situation. ‘Cause trust me I SO AM and it doesnt feel good…AT ALL!

What you should do when you miss someone:

  •  Have fun! Do some shopping or whatever seems fun to you.
  • Try to keep yourself busy. That definitely keeps my mind of the person.
  • Hangout with your friends or family. 
  • Do sleepovers/ movie marathons/ party/ youtuber video marathon/ NETFLIX!
  • Increase the levels of your hobbies. Paint/ Read/ Play..etc.
  • Write down your feelings or share it someone you can or better talk to the one you miss.
  • MUSIC! Oh My! That helps a heck lot!!
  • Meet new people, make friends.

What you should not do when you miss someone:
  • DO NOT GO TO THEIR ALBUM AND STARE AT THEIR PICTURE! Trust me it doesnt help but damages a lot!


  • Do not try to push you emotions down thinking shutting them would just make them disappear..’cause it wont and will make it even worse (self-experience)

  • Dont just sit inside your home and force yourself to feel good. You are not good and if you do that, you will be worse!
    •  Dont always spy their social network sites.

      • Dont watch movies or listen to songs that would actually make you cry rather than be happy.
        • Dont close yourself from everything like parties, get togethers, etc. Talk to others. Dont get yourself isolated.
        • Stop going down the memory lane. Its good to go down those lane but now is not the time. If you are desperately missing someone..you have to divert your mind only to be happy.
        • Dont just read this and again go back to hiberantion mode. Work it!  

        Try these if you fall under such situation. I certainly do and to be honest. I am under such a situation where I am desperately missing my best friend. But I cant get to see him because he is away for college and he would most probably come on May. (guessing) *shrugs sadly*. 

        Anyways, A sad girl does something signing off.
        Bye x.
        P.S- I hope you had/or having a lovely day. 🙂

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