My Pill To Happiness!

        This little one here is my happy pill. Be whatever mood I may be in, this one here will make me happy instantly. I believe having a pet can bring joy to everyone’s home. They just make you feel better without even saying anything and mostly they understand even though we […]

Sorry For The Absense!

Sorry for being away for sooo long. At first I was having bad anxiety days and then later on I was confused with the blog..honestly. As in what should I do with this blog? Should I write or just stop? I wasn’t sure. I can’t say I have made any decisions but whatever I will […]

Types Of People In Instagram.

Everybody now a days owns an Instagram account…and if you dont..? You my dear have a life 😀 *but get an account..its SUPER amazing*I too have an Instagram account love.whisky and the experience of seeing so many people’s pictures just made me realise the types of people that are present in Instagram. TYPES OF PEOPLE IN […]

Happy Women’s Day

This women’s day let’s break convention and stop deciding how a “free woman” should be. Every woman like every other human being is an individual with their very own definition of self. Just because I am supposed to be an independent woman doesn’t mean I can’t want to dress according to my lover’s wish. Yes […]

My First Time..?

By the heading you would think..”ooh! What might it be about…her first time to have blah blah…” but no :p Its the My First Time Tag Questions!  The questions:- 1. First tweet? – I haven’t ever tweeted yet..I guess so. 2. First youtube video? – My First Video Ever 🙂 (Click on the link to see) 3. […]

Things I want to do before I die…?

Obviously everybody has wishes. I have too..obviously. However I am not talking about those normal wishes people have…I am talking about those wackiest wishes everybody wants to fullfill before they die. Everybody has such wishes I can bet. I honestly have some wackiest and strangest wishes ever! And you are about to find those out […]