Daily Blog| Have Seen Better Days :( (3.3.2016)

Going through terrible days lately and the only reason I haven’t been writing much. Half of the time I am in bed curled up because of bad stomachaches. I guess it was some kind of acidity or some sudden case of food poisoning but trust me it took the life out of me. I threw up millions and millions of time a day and couldnt eat anything. Writing about throwing up isnt a very comfortable thing but I’ll just leave it there. I only wanted my readers to know that I havent ditched my blog again. It’s just my health isnt being really cooperative :p Hence, no blogpost. BTW I am thinking about re-joining YouTube again. I already have an account if you didnt know and have 2 videos but I was scared to start it thinking it might get too much for me. However I am thinking about it again and I haven’t come to full-on decision yet…though still thinking. I guess thats it because I sure you wouldnt want to know the what I did all these days…moreover I wont be very comfortable to write either..Anyways I have an exam tomorrow for which I am not prepared at all…so God Bless Me *joined hands and closed eyes*
I will come with a better blogpost tomorrow or soon.
Bye x.

Imagine me like this just with a white cat and no soup bowl but a bottle of water.


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