Things I want to do before I die…?

Obviously everybody has wishes. I have too..obviously. However I am not talking about those normal wishes people have…I am talking about those wackiest wishes everybody wants to fullfill before they die. Everybody has such wishes I can bet. I honestly have some wackiest and strangest wishes ever! And you are about to find those out (I am pretty scared though…dont judge me by my wishes…mainly they are only to make memories and have fun)

Let’s begin the wishlist-

  1. Go on a long trip with 2 of my friends and spend our own money.
  2. Drive from India to New York..(mainly in an auto) :p
  3. MAKE A HOME FOR HOMELESS CATS AND DOGS! (This is one thing I will do before I die because I feel a beggar can at least beg and feed themselves when they want to but a speechless being can’t and I HAVE THE WEAKEST HEART FOR ANIMALS)
  4. Swim in Pacific Ocean during winter time. (ain’t I dumb?)
  5. Go bungee jumping
  6. Sky dive and click a selfie…(Insta is sooo Obvious :p)
  7. Reach the Milan Fashion Show.
  8. Write a book.
  9. Dance under a waterfall.
  10. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  11. Ride a bull!!
  12. Go to the La Tomatino Festival! *woop woop*
  13. Live the life of the queen and be call unroyal :p
  14. Ride a zipline over the ocean.
  15. Go to watch Fifa live…someday.
  16. Get a pug, 2 guineapigs and I already have a cat. (I’ll probably have a zoo then :p)
  17. Own a beach house! OMG! I love beaches!
  18. Find the other end of the rainbow :p
  19. Go to the Amazon Forest!
  20. Live Every Day As If It Is The Last.

I want to live everyday in such a way that I have no regrets when on my death bed about not doing something or missing out something. Everybody has wishes and if it really means to you then turn your wishes into a plan and go get them. 🙂

That’s all for today. At the moment I cant think of anymore wishes but if I do come up with more there would be another part for sure. Thank you for keeping up with me.
Bye. x

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