What’s Going On Presently | Spilling The Beans and Dropping Out Of College!

Aha! The heading is shocking…isnt it? Yes I am currently taking a year gap. I was in a fashion college but that wasnt the best one in India presently and since when I have already gained a lot of knowledge to crack through the best fashion college of India. I dropped out. I’ll be giving my entrance on October, this year. I am all positive about this and confident.
Now, that’s half of the story. On the previous year I tried for the best fashion college of India..i.e- NIFT (National Institute Of Fashion Technology) but couldnt go through the enctrance because I delayed filling up the form (major mistakes of life). Anyways we learn. So then I found the college I was in somedays back but this Thursday night we came to know a shocking news! The college I was in was a sham! Yes you heard it right. Shitty things happen sometimes in life. And the college is presently shut down. WOW! Students and parents both are devasted by the news…obviously. Dreams are shattered all over the floor. However I am still fine. My friends and families are shocked to see this because my others firends have cried and are depressed. Being a human that is normal but what I always see to any bad news is that there is always a positive side and a negative side. Seeing the negative won’t lead me anywhere. However if you see the postive side you will find more open doors to yourself. If you had the courage to dream then have the courage to plan it out and make it true. Dont let go of a dream because it was broken. Work on it and hold on even tighter…then it HAS to stay with you. I know I have magic in my mind and I believe I can pour it onto paper and then the world and nothing can stop me. Not even a sham college.
Though I wont lie. At first I was worried about my dad. It was his money with which I was able to study and the college being a sham would mean all the money went to waste but then I again saw the positive side to it. The money gone helped me gain so much knowlegde. I know the basics of sewing. I can now sew 8 types of skirt instant. I know how to draw figures and how to drape them. I have tons and tons of files with my works. Then how come the money went to waste? I am now confident enough to try for the best fashion college and get through it too. I also have a lot of time till the entrance and all I will do now is improvise what I know and try learning more.

I thought I’d let my readers know because I didnt want people to think I am still going to the college. I am not but then there will be posts on things I make and create. BTW I have some time now to start with my bedroom makeover too. Can’t wait for that and to share. And if anyone reading this is troubled with losing hopes from their dreams…dont! It’s never too late. Get back up and start from the scratch. Love what you do and it will love you back. More to be honest.
I hope this helps to many and to any of my friends if they read it.
Bye x.


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