Review | Revlon Flex Protein Shampoo and Conditioner.


  • Is the product accessible? 

– Yes, very much. You can get it in any drugstore or supermarket. However if you cant find it at your nearest store then you cna also buy it online at FlipkartAmazon and Ebay

  • Is it worth the price?

– Yes, 250 bucks for this huge bottle is worth it and especially when it works soo well. After the hair my head always feels so light like all the oil and dirt just blew off. I would recommend this shampoo + conditioner if you want a clean scalp…if that’s your main !

  • How does it compare to other products?

– The other products I have used were nice. My hair felt smooth but this makes it feel clean and fresh. If you would rub the scalp there would be a squeaky noise. It feels THAT clean! The hair feels lighter and softer. Mostly your hair is more frizz free and presentable but it ONLY cleans your hair thoroughly. It wouldn’t make your hair shiny plus it makes your hair dry obviously it cleans so well that it extracts all the oils from the scalp. It does make he hair look puffy but not really like soft bouncy hair. Though the smell is really nice. I am not a fan of sickly sweet smell so this one is great for people like me who loves fresh smells. That’s my comparision of this shampoo to other shampoos.

  • Does it acheive it’s purpose?

–  Yes, because it says it cleanses the hair gently but then it also makes it dry. However as per the questions is…it does acheive it’s purpose.

  • What would make it better?
– If it could make the hair more shiny and made it have more soft bounces. It cleans too much that it also extracts the natural oils of the hair. If these points get working then we oviously have this perfect big bottle of shampoo and conditioner with an amazing price.


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