Daily Blog | DIYs Days! (09.03.16)

Oh well yes! I have been doing a lot of DIYs lately and dont worry I will be sharing it all with you as well. I have been taking pictures step by step like a tutorial and am very excited to post them soon. This is all about the house decor stuff. Some are bought and some are made. Some which you can buy outside but would just cost a lot more than just making it at home. So right from waking up and doing a bit of daily routine works I sit down with whatever I have planned to do on that day. There are plenty more things I need to buy and some are yet to finish. I will insert a sneak-peak of the little bits and bobs I have been doing and another reason why I cant post better blogposts because I am to indulged with all this to get ready. BTW I said about going all gold, black and white on a previous post of mine for my bedroom…right? Well on a second thought I changed my decisions. Now it would be white, bits of gold and lots of bright summer colors. As much as I love Christmas and everything Christmasy I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER! It’s like the best season ever. Ice-creams, bright colors, lighter hair, lighter clothes, beaches, etc etc. There is something about summer that makes me excited. The reason I am so pumped upp at the moment with my room to feel all summery!
Oh yes! I am soon going to re-start my YouTube channel. I’ll surely let my readers know when I post one. I am so excited!!!
Anyways here is all the sneak peak to whatever I am doing at the moment.


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