Review | Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara


  • Is the product accessible? 

– Yaass!!!! Absolutely! You can get it anywhere. I ordered mine because I felt like doing some online shopping. But you can also get it in any makeup store/ drugstores. 

  • Is it worth the price?
– Obviously! I mean a proper waterproof mascara that actually works and perfectly makes your lashes go BOOM found just for 300/240 bucks is like SUPER CHEAP. The best part is it actually works.

  • How does it compare to other products?
Previously I was using Rimmel Sexy Curls for a long period of time but then because that mascara bottle had a plastic bugged me. I like the brush applicators. I feel they enhance the lashes even more. With my previous mascaras that I have used they didnt really make my lashes pop. However this one is amazing. I put two coats of it and I am all se to flutter my eyes all day long and it stays perfectly intact even if it gets wet.

  • Does it acheive it’s purpose?

– It achieves it’s purpose perfectly. As per it’s name- Hypercurl Lashes, it does make your lashes curl up. I have long lashes for which when I use this my lashes curl up and touches my brow bone which is crazy! And I dont know about the non-waterproof one but the waterproof one is amazing. I had once washed my face because I felt soo hot after coming home and I splashed water on my face and completely freaked out thinking that I would now have black panda eyes but to my surprise there was no sign of black anywhere. So that definitely proves that it actually achieve it’s purpose.

  • What would make it better?

– Honestly? Nothing. I just love everything about it.The packaging also has a rold gold lid with a tint of pinkness in it. Its a miracle for you lashes in a bottle in a very reasonable price as well. And I definitely recommend one to buy this. Especially one starting new with makeups.


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