Types Of People In Instagram.

Everybody now a days owns an Instagram account…and if you dont..? You my dear have a life 😀 *but get an account..its SUPER amazing*
I too have an Instagram account love.whisky and the experience of seeing so many people’s pictures just made me realise the types of people that are present in Instagram.


  • FOOD LOVER – These are one type of people who would post different pictures of their food or their uncle’s food…even neighbors. They would try to get a good shot from every angle they can..be it from the left side or the from the top view.
  • BODY FLAUNTER – The one who would show off their body/figure. Be it a built gym-bod or a sp-called “zero figure”.
  • PET LOVER- The one who would post random pictures of their pets or animals in that case. Some accounts sometimes looks like the pet/animals own the account rather the owner herself/himself.
  • THE QUOTE GUY – The one who would post such quotes that can make you cry, feel like a rebel, make you feel happy, spritiual…mainly throw you inside a pool of emotions. 
  • THE ARTIST –  The one who would post every little picture of what they draw. Sometimes the process even.
  • THE DUCK FACE LOVER – The famous of all duck face. Every socail media account has to have one picture of a guy or a girl making that oh-so-famous duckface! Its like a ritual people follow all around the world.
  • THE PHOTOGRAPHER – The one who would probably have the best pictures in their account because they have the best camera and lenses to take the best instagram photos.
  • THE TRAVELLER – The one who is always on wheels. You see them standing under The Eiffel Tower in Paris and the next day you get another instagram of them standing in front of Taj Mahal feeling all Akbar-ish.
  • THE FAMOUS IN THEIR FRIEND’S GROUP – The one who would have tons and tons of pictures of them and their bunch of friends all teamed up for a perfect instagram with the #squadgoals.
  • THE SELFIE OBSSESSED – The one who will have a selfie of each day. No matter how much makeup they wear or they just look dead. They WILL definitely have a selfie.

Now the best part is……………….

I fall under all the categories above :p Be it my burnt french fries or my fishy+duck face. I am a true Instagramer 😀 Haha! I hope you enjoyed my post today. I especially loved making this. Have a great day ahead.
Bye x.


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