How To Live A Better Life?

This post means a lot to me because I am one of those people who would go miserable and again gain back my confidence somehow to live a better life. So this would help me if I go through such times and if you are going through such time at the moment then I sure hope this helps you too. I hope you like it. 🙂


  1. Change all the negative thoughts with positive ones – For example: If you think you can’t do something? Then instantly change it with ” I can do it! More like I have done it! ” If you let you negative thoughts rule over your mind it would never work out and you will always feel grounded by anxiety and depression.
  2. Write a journal/ Share it with someone you trust – I find writing it down relaxes me a lot. I write a daily journal every night. Be it my dreams or the whole day. I just note down every thing that’s been in my mind and with that you can keep a track of your positive thoughts as well. Because if you see that everyday of yours is getting better it only means your mind is friends with your positivity.
  3. Give yourself some “Me Time”- Everybody needs to get some time for themselves every once in a while. I know it might be tough for some people but honestly you NEED it! Relaxing your mind and mind is necessary. Its like a machine, when you work on a computer it gets heated up and so you switch it off so it can cool down or else it might stop working. Similarly put yourself like. If you work way to hard or stress yourself with what you have in mind it will only DESTROY YOU. Take a nice relaxing bath with some candles, drink of your choice, do some face mask or hair mask. In short just pamper yourself and if you aren’t one of those pampering yourself person then read a book, draw if you like, do some craft work if you want. Just do something that will put you off your worries and work.
    Pamper self and reading books is my way. One of my way.
  4. Yoga/Exercise but mainly MEDITATE – I prefer doing yoga because I feel yoga relaxes me the most. I know some people feel going to the gym is their best option. Well it doesnt really matter as long as you are fit. Having a fit body will make your mind and soul fit as well. But everyone should just meditate. Meditating is a cure to all our it mentally or physically. Meditating doesnt mean you jav to wear something special or you need to sit straight. You can even lie on your bed straight and relax every part of your body and close your eyes. Switch on a good meditating music of your choice from YouTube if you may want and just relax yourself.
  5. Eat healthy – Eating healthy is one thing! Mostly people fail at this part and TBH I do too. However eating healthy can lead to healthy you, healthy skin, healthy mind and soul. I have seen people who are soooo motivated to eat healthy and they absolutely rock it. They look soo much better. They look healthy, content and the smile and glow on their face shows it all.
    I am not the greatest at food photography but mangoes be my FAVOURITE!
  6. Drink WATER – I suck at this personally and its not something I am really proud of but one needs to drink drink plenty of water. Quit drinking alcohol and soft drinks and drink more of water. I promise you will see a difference for yourself. Drinking alcohol doesnt help to deal with depression or anxiety. However drinking water will bring a huge change.
    Have a glass/bottle of water with you. Always.
  7. LOVE YOURSELF – The most important thing is to love yourself. Dont let yourself fade away. The one person who can love yourself more than anyone is YOU yourself. No mater what happens never forget to love yourself. Because that one time you will regret it is when you will see no value of yourself. Start loving yourself and you will naturally see the world loving you more.
    Loving yourself. The natural self 🙂 P.S – Sometimes blur is good.
I wish this works wonders in your life. I am jotting down some books which might help you through negative times.
  • The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.
  • The Secret.
  • Secrets Of Mind Power.
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking.
  • Mind Power Into The 21st Century.
Have a great day.
Bye x.

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