Soon to be 19!

Sorry. I was meant to upload this yesterday but to be honest I completely lost track of what day it was. I thought yesterday was Wednesday for some reason and knew I had to upload to day but in the morning when I saw my planner. Shock!! *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what am I doing with my life*. So I am sorry for not uploading on the scheduled date because I am stupid and I forgot. Anyways Continue.

I have my birthday next week…18th April πŸ™‚ Turning into 19 means the last year for my most-loved teen years. At least I get saved from one irritating thing when I turn 20 and that is no more of people telling me “You are younger than us so act accordingly” or “You are now old enough so please act like one”. I mean come on?!! Seriously? This is one thing I really dislikes about my teenage years where I didnt really know what to do? Some would say act like a child and some would say act like a grown up. However I have loved this part of my life so far and I have this year to enjoy it to the most! I dont know what is waiting for me this year but I know its for the best *positivity positivity* πŸ˜€
Well as a birhtday wish I would mainly want all my friends and family to be happy. I have been sad for a looooong time and I definitely know how it feels and so I just dont want anyone to ever feel that way πŸ™‚ Even if you are not someone I know I wish you have a reason to be happy.
That’s what I want really. I know it sounds cheesy but I know everything else I can get them for myself but I cant make everyone happy. So that is what I want this year. Let’s all be friends πŸ˜€

Other than all this talking I thought of sharing some of my past birthday pictures. I obviously dont have one for every year but here’s all that i can find… Enjoy and enjoy how I have transformed from a fetus like kid to still a some-what fetus looking kid :p.

Another birthday I dont remember about and beside is my cousin sister. Look at my hair!! Party going on eh!
I was sooo short that I had to stand up on the chair to get a proper photo. That toy car was probably my birthday gift. My legs looks like eggplants. Yet another birthdy I dont remember about.
That was my cake for my birthday (sorry I clearly dont remember but it wan when I lived in Manchester).


I am the one in the middle obviously! The one in purplr is my mom and the lady in the black dressis my aunt and beside him is her husband. And the little boy is my aunt’s son, my cousin. My dad was taking the picture.


This was in my hostel and the bed with red,white and black balloons is mine. The friend who slept beside my has her birthday before mine. So our friends decorated her bed before 18th and then on 18th it was mine. I must say I have some talented friends.


That’s my 18th birthday decor. Old habits dont they? But it was me who decorated for myself because….why not? It wasnt a master piece but it was something birthday birthday πŸ˜€

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