Want To Be Nosy?

  1. Relationship Status- Single.
  2. Crush- I have celeb crushes.
  3. Who makes you smile- My best friend Shouvik and my cat Lalu.
  4. Favourite Flower- Lavenders and Tulips.
  5. Last hug- I dont remeber the date but when Shouvik was all set to leave.
  6. Favourite Quote- ‘She believed she could so she did.”
  7. Whats’s your biggest insecurity- To be abandoned I guess.
  8. Childhood Confession- I bit a girl because she annoyed me so much and later on lied because I didnt want to get into trouble. *The first and last time I was that physically abusive to someone*
  9. Opinion on samesex marriage- I believe everybody has the right to choose or fall in love with whoever they want to and there is nothing wrong with it. So samesex marriages doesnt bother me. #gayisok
  10. Nickname- Toltol, Kusu and Debo.
  11. Thing I hate about myself- Nothing really. But one thing that annoys me is my eyes. They would always give away that I would be hiding.
  12. Things I love about myself- I can make people laugh.
  13. Favourite dream- I can’t share that because it is something reallly over the top.
  14. Worst nightmare- A week back when I saw Shouvik die.
  15. Want tattoos- Though I wont lie they do look cool but it freaks me out. Not that I hate people who have tattoos. They are just brave whereas I am chicken little.
  16. Dream Job- To work for myself.
  17. Ever Dated- Nope.
  18. Someone you can tell everything to- Yas! Shouvik…again.
  19. How many kids do I want to have- 2 with a very less age difference.
  20. What is the hardest thing that you have ever experienced- Fighting with my own demons.
  21. What broke you down the most- Racism. I have been a victim to racism from my own family and friends…but now I dont feel bad as much as I did.
  22. 5 guys who you find attractive- Has to be Shouvik *not that I am bragging but he is attractive*, Ranveer Singh, Hugh Jackman, Joe Sugg and Marcus Butler.
  23. Your Family- Me, Mum, Dad and my cat.
  24. How do you treat people who cant do nothing for you- I would treat them with more love because there has to be some some sad reason why they cant do anything for you.
  25. How are you? Really- I am actually really happy these days. The positive vibes are kicking in.
  26. Current Mood- Mischievious.
  27. Phobia- Hydrophobia.
  28. Ever skipped class- YAS! Tons
  29. If you were drunk and can’t stand then who would look after you- My 2 mates probably though they would kill me later.. Shouvik or Sohini.
  30. A photo of the day-
Wearing my nightdress and rocking it 😀



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