6:23 pm and in pain.

That time of the month where I have painful cramps and dont really know what to do. I do have some pain killers for times when it gets to an extreme point. :/ However I already had one today and trying to suck up the pain so I dont have to have another one. It’s 6:23 pm and I still didnt have a meal except my breakfast because I just feel too sick and I am not even hungry. I had to edit my video and upload and its still not done which is a bummer! 😦 I just dont like being irregular at my stuff especially when I have promised not to be. However these little fellas have had me busy at times when I just didnt feel like smiling. These fellas made me laugh even. My friends call me the cat lady 😀 I actually wanted to write this because of them 🙂 They are super adorable ❤ Thay arent my own cats or kittens but we take care of them. Half adopted 😀









2 thoughts on “6:23 pm and in pain.

  1. My older daughter has suffered from terrible debilitating cramps for years. I’ve been told that cutting down on sugar, especially white sugar, cutting out soda, and increasing your calcium and magnesium (read: beets, leafy greens, almonds, oranges, white beans, etc.) may help de-intensify the pain. As for the pain killers, as soon as you detect a slight cramp and you know what’s on the way, take a pain killer. Also, gentle yoga should help. Hope this helps.

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    • I used to do yoga before I never faced such cramps but lately it pains soo badly I fainted. I have fainted 3 times because of such cramps. But thank you soo much for this information 😮 I always had sugary stuff especially a lot of colas. You just saved my life from now on ❤

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