20.07.2016 A Question to every Cat Lover.

Today something really bad happened. I have a cat of my own and madly love her. I love every little animal except the carnivorous dinosaurs. Anyways as I was saying..I was doing my work in my room at about 1:30 pm and suddenly heard my mother scream..or should I say cry. I thought she saw a cockroach because that’s how she normally reacts but then I heard another voice which wasnt pleasant. I immediatley ran downstairs to see what was going on. Everything happened so quick that I still cant remember everything properly. I saw my mother covering her hands and cry as she went out of the kitchen and in the kitchen I saw a cat we feed from the streets howling and crying in front of the kitchen window. I went to the kitchen to see what was wrong and in that exact second the cat jumped down and my mother came crying inside telling me not to go near that cat! I could only hear my mother cry, see blood and smell blood! EVERYWHERE!

I had no clue what was going on and I kept asking my mother what happened but she couldnt speak. She was crying badly and I could see her hands bleeding! She would have fainted but I guess she is a very strong woman. 🙂 She sat down because she was dizzy and she wanted cold water. I got her a bowl full of cold water and some normal water to drink. When she was back to her sense as in when she could speak and then she told me what happened.

The cat was chased by another mean cat who lives near our house. And the little cat would always come to our house because we fed him and took care of him. However the same happened and he jumped inside to save himself but fell into a boiling bowl of rice. He was hurt and started cry and my mother was in front of him so she tried to save him by pulling away the bowl but the cat bit my mother out of pain. And it wasnt just a bite….he kept biting and scratching everywhere. He bit my mother soo bad that she’s now got a hole on her left hand thumb.

Well that was all that happened and then when he left her hand she went out of the kitchen crying and I came down to see.  I obviously called the nearest pharmacy for first aid but they wouldnt check without a doctor’s prescription. I then called my dad and he came over from his work and we went to an emergency ward. Thankfully they said it isnt anything serious but still they gave us all the medications for her and she now needs to take her injections timely. She is now better. Her hands are swollen but the pain has decreased a lot.

However I am writing this just to ask a question. I have always heard people say that “A dog will always see their owner as God” whereas “A cat sees himself as God because we feed and take care of him.”

Is it true? Is it true that cats are really selfish? If there was a dog at that place of the cat…would he do the same? Or would he get himself hurt but never bite the one who feeds him? Whenever people told me that cats are selfish I would always disagree with them but after this incident I am shocked and hurt myself. Please tell whatever I am thinking is wrong. 😦  Even after all this we came back from the hospital and I gave the cat and his mother lunch. I did check him to see if he was burnt or not but he seems fine. They recover quick. I just wish my mom gets well soon too.

But please feel free to leave your answers below to my questions. 🙂

Sorry for such a gloomy post but I’ll get back to you with a good one.

Take care ❤


This is the cat who bit my mom.


9 thoughts on “20.07.2016 A Question to every Cat Lover.

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  2. Any animal would do the the same in that situation. At that moment they think everyone is trying to harm them. They don’t have the ability to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Don’t worry. Keep loving your cat.
    I hope your mom gets well soon. 🙂

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