Review| All Good Scents

I was sent this sample of All Good Scents perfume by Smytten as you may have seen it from a previous post. I absolutely LOVE the smell! ❤ The one I got is known as Radiant – “The Confident You” Eau De Toilette. The smell is amazing. It actually makes you feel confident about yourself. I cant really describe smells but it is sweet and it lasts long. I dont know if its meant to be that way or its just me but when I spritz it all over me it smells okay and after sometime the smell is completely different from the first time. And by different I dont mean bad different…it become sweeter and strong.

I remember wearing this and going out for a whole day and it accompanied me the whole time. The base note stays for a long period of time. They also have perfumes for Men. I obviously haven’t tried them but I am sure they would smell amazing too. I might just order one for my brother or father. They have 2 types of perfumes. Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum for both Men and Women.


I would recommend to give it a try. There are other scents too and I sure am gonna try the other ones to see which one is my favourite. It was a shame that it was just a 1ml bottle but I am gonna get my hands on the other scents as well plus the prices arent that much compared to their great quality. It’s just 750 INR.

I hope this helps and if you buy a fragnance then let me know how was it for you. 🙂

Take care and happy blogging ❤





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