The One Sided Story of Love.

Have you ever felt that certain need to see someone? To talk to them? That just hearing their voice or seeing them would do wonders? Is there anything as such as true love? I don’t know. Is there anything as such as love at first sight? I don’t know that either. But have I ever felt it? Yes…

Maybe love isn’t what happens at the first sight but somewhere deep inside a mental image gets stuck and haunts you just before you fall asleep in the middle of the night. You might be thinking about someone while reading this. And probably you’re smiling without realising it because yes! That’s what they do to you too.Their thoughts make you happy.

That is the power of love. It can destroy you or rebuild you.

Have you ever loved someone soo madly that you would do anything to be with them? Even when they don’t feel the same about you? Would you still love that person? What if they try to push you away…would you still be there? If yes then that’s love. Love doesn’t mean that it has to be returned. That’s business. Love is free. It sets you free. You would love them even if they had 99 flaws out of 100 because you love them just the way they are. To me that one person is the light during even the darkest of times. A breath of fresh air when everything gets suffocating. The smell of flowers during Spring. The warm fire during Winters. The sun to your solar system.

Is this madness? Yes. What is love without madness?

I love someone who doesn’t feel the same way but that doesn’t hurt me. I am not using the barter system where I can get something back in return. I have been called mad for this. However this madness of mine made me change my fate. It changed me for good. So it’s not all that bad. Loving someone and not putting a so-called tag “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” is normal. Having the desperation of tagging your relationship seems fixation to me. I am not saying this because I don’t have a boyfriend but even if I did, I wouldn’t have called him that for he would just be love to me.

I never write such stuff but I somehow felt like writing this today. Anyway if you love someone, love them just the way they are. Feel how free love can set you and that too charge free.

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And if someone has the same situation as me, I wish they realise that not all love is not about expecting something back. Sometimes, you just have to give.

Take care. x


20 thoughts on “The One Sided Story of Love.

  1. I Don’t know whether I liked a person or loved him immensely. But whatever it was, it is really tough to go through these feelings. I know my one sided affection as I am also in similar boat but yeah I wish I could have been good friend for him πŸ˜…

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    • It took me a year or so to come to this conclusion and that was tough. I had to fight myself every second. But now that I have. I feel calm, happy and peaceful. I wish you feel just this way soon ☺


  2. I know the feeling of one sided love but that does not mean that i will curse him….love never depends on the condition….it is the feeling that comes from your heart….keep your love alive like this only… have written the words of my heart….keep it up

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