Do I love animals?

I often say I love my cat. I love animals. However when I have a chicken pizza, sausages at breakfast, an egg, milk to my cereal and I get ready to have my first bite I can hear screams of those helpless animals I was about to eat. Who am I then? Another animal walking on 2 legs and looks a little more sophisticated and branded as Humans? I guess our type is the most dangerous animal on planet.

And when I hear those screams of those animals being hurt and slaughtered…I hear my inner self asking me… Do you really love animals?!

And I die inside and the food which seemed soo delicious a minute ago turns into poison.

Every second an animal is slaughtered because we want them on our plate! Do we really love them? Because I am sure love doesnt mean killing them and eating them or taking that cool Instagram picture or posting to Facebook about how delicious your meal was. Behind that meal was a cry of an animal who didnt do anything. The milk we drink…they are sucked out of the udders of the cow. Painfully. That cow has milk to feed her children not for us. The calf is made to suck the milk from the udder and as soon as he does it..the workers take the calf away from his mother and her mother gets the milked sucked out of her. She screams! That cow is someone’s mother.

We dont care because we receive milk in shiny carton with fancy stuff drawn on it. But where does it come from? How does it come? Β That carton has a story behind it.

I see people writing about their pets, stray dogs and cats. I understand you love them. I do too. I call myself a mother to my cat. But a chicken, a cow, a pig, a lamb, etc is also an animal. I dont see many people posting about them. Why?

Because we love eating them! They satisfy our needs.


I am a non-vegetarian and I want to turn into a Vegan now. And the day I can is the day when I’ll proudly say I love animals because right now…there will always be that crying voice in my ears…Do I love them?


I know a lot of the people who would be reading this might not like it because you dont see the way I see and that is absolutely okay. I respect everybody’s choices. This was something I really wanted to share.

Take care. x


8 thoughts on “Do I love animals?

  1. It is really bad to see those animals in pain but, at the end of the day, if we non-vegetarians don’t eat them, there will be a greater population of those animals than us. Actually as you may be knowing that we follow a food chain, and anything and everything is “food” to one another.
    According to our teachings, if we kill animals, the purpose behind it should be to eat them, but killing for no reason is wrong. Otherwise, everyone has their own points of view so no one is right or wrong πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

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    • I know. My mom tells me the same thing about food chains and that if we don’t eat them they will increase. However I feel that they have their own places to live, they have feelings and mainly they are not even harming us then why harm them? And they don’t have a big life span so they will die soon. That kind of a death won’t hurt because that’s natural but all those cruel stuff that’s going on now is too much. And as I said I have no problems with people who eat non veg. That’s their wants and rights. This post is something I have felt always and even though I say I love animals I have felt guilty. However I am not at all forcing or taunting anyone. ☺ This whole thing was a thought of mine.

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