The Letter Not Sent.

Dear one,

How is life? How’s everybody in your family? How are you? And if you say okay then are you really? I miss you now more than ever but I think I am getting adjusted to this distance. Do you miss me?

We have not been into eachother’s life much. You wont tell me and I dont wanna burden you. So we keep it to ourselves. It’s weird how things changed. But with every change I learnt and earned something new. I earned a new bond and learnt that love is one whole feeling just categorised into soo many.

Aren’t those people lucky who have that one person who is there for them at every situation of life and handles it like a pro? I am honestly very lucky. You have played every role a person gets in life. You being alone played all of them for me. I have not told you that.

You were a STRANGER when I started loving you. I don’t know if there is anything as such as love at first sight but I surely fell in love with you not because you look so charming but your eyes. They have something that can make me smile and cry. Your eyes are the door to your mind and heart. Next I got to know you. You soon knew I liked you and we became FRIENDS really quickly. However this stage was the most beautiful part of all the roles you played. You were there even when I didn’t tell you to be there. You made school a better place. You made me feel like I was a part of everything. And soon we became BEST FRIENDS. This was when you made me love myself. I started loving myself the way I am rather than hating why am I like this. You made me feel sooo special. You never let me go and I Β honestly loved to stay with you. At that point I could close my eyes and fall off a cliff knowing you would catch me. I trust you that much. You started taking care of me like a BROTHER from everything and everyone who could harm me. You taught me a lot of things I wasn’t aware of. You became a TEACHER I respected and admired. I learned how to cross roads, to be strong and a lot more. However lets not forget the slangs. πŸ˜› Unknowingly you taught me to love without expecting. There were times..a lot of them where I made mistakes…some huge ones too and you got angry and scolded me or even punished me by not talking to me like a FATHER. You knew that would be enough for me and that’s how you made me listen to what was right for me and I don’t regret that. What I do regret is the times I didn’t listen to you. Though you dont feel the same way as I do but you have loved me purely. Even more than me.

I wont say I am lucky because this isnt just lucky. You are like a gift. Mainly I miss my friend more than anything. Every night before going to sleep I wish I could turn the time back and make things right or just pray that I dont screw it up the next day. Among all those relations I miss our Best Friend phase or our Friend phase.

I hope we see those days again.


– The girl who says “oituku to oituku” πŸ™‚ (inside joke)

If you have someone this special take care of them. Don’t let them go. You’ll regret it your whole life. As I can’t stop blaming myself for this. Text them now and tell them how much they mean to you before you lose that chance and you have The Letter Not Sent.

Take Care. x


28 thoughts on “The Letter Not Sent.

  1. I hope things go well for u debby. Remember ppl come n go inbure life fir a reason
    Cherish those moments but remember to go forward in life where u will meet new people who will also create beautiful memories with u πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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    • Thank you soo much ❀ And everything you said is absolutely true. I still have this person with me. We do talk daily and meet but things just arent same. But thank you for your lovely words πŸ™‚ ❀


  2. Hey Deboleena, I’ve been there in that very spot of losing someone I really cared about and sometimes it’s for the best I guess. Friendships degenerate due to time ,distance,mistakes and sometimes we grow out of it. If you keep holding to what’s gone, you’ll miss out on what’s already there.

    If you have lost that friend I believe you had tried all there is to try and revive it? If it hasn’t worked out. It’s for the best to move fwd and let it go ☺

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    • I support what you said. πŸ™‚ And yes holding on to it will make one miss out their present. I havent lost this person. We are still close friends. We talk daily and see eachother. However there is this distance…this space that is soo empty that it echoes now. And I guess I didnt try with my whole heart. However now I want to try with my heart. All along the line I was at fault. πŸ™‚ But I really love what you said. ❀ Thank you soo much

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      • Yes, it’s good to know that you’re still in touch with the person! Hope things work well out for you, remember it’s not how much time you’ve spent with the person. It’s the quality of time you spend with them! As long as you’re happy do it, but once you feel the ehole trying business is taking a toll on your emotional well being, be courageous to choose what’s best for YOU. ❀

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      • That is soo sweet and yes to be honest we have talking a lot in WP and it’s so weird that a month ago we didn’t even know that we existed and now we’ve become such close friends 😊😊 and tbh I really love talking to you ❀


  3. This is a great post. You are wise beyond your years! I wish a few people in my life would realize how fragile life is and how temporary it is instead of taking it for granted.

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