Milk and Honey Gold Bath and Lotion.

Hola! ❤

So how many of you love a good cleansing bath? Especially when you get a milk and honey shower cream, milk and honey sugar scrub and milk and honey lotion ❤ Plus the smell ❤ ❤ I love the sound of that…dont you?

So my mom is a big fan of this sugar scrub and I have always thought why does she rave about it soo much? And then I tried it and have been using for…2 months? or more :p

2016-08-12 06.37.40 1.jpg

I’ll first talk about the Moisturising Shower Cream and then the Smoothing Sugar Scrub.

2016-08-12 06.36.49 1.jpg

The Moisturising Shower Cream is soo smooth and creamy. Just a drop on the loofah goes a long way. The smell is reallt sweet. Its just like milk and honey together. ❤ The quality is actually really creamy just like it says on the tube. Best part when you are done with the shower you can actually feel how soft your skin becomes. I always feel lazy when it comes to putting on lotion or oil and this one really moisturises your skin and makes it soft as if you have already moisturised your skin. Love this one ❤

The Smoothing Sugar Scrub is wonders!! I mean if you havent used it and you are looking for a sugar scrub…this is it! Go order this and you will fall in love with it. I always use it during my night showers because I feel it just cleanses and purifies my body and skin ❤ The sugar molecules are really gentle when it comes to scrubbing. I LOVE THIS ONE ❤

2016-08-12 06.36.52 1.jpg

Now comes the cream. This cream smells exactly the same as the other two and is very thick. I would prefer using the cream during winter because its consistency is very thick and feels heavy on the skin and as for me my skin screams hydration during winter so I mainly use it during that period of time. However if you can go with a such cream during any season then thats your choice 🙂 It is absolutely nourishing. When I used it for the first time after my night shower and woke uo the next day my skin was still moisturised because of this cream plus it makes you smell oh-so-sweet ❤ I am not a massive fan of sweet smells but sometimes you can make a pass you know :p

2016-08-12 06.36.50 1.jpg

All in all the products are great. They have shampoos and soaps too but I havent used them yet so cant say about that. However I do reccomend you to use this 🙂 At least the sugar scrub. And maybe you can give a try with the cream as well. Plus the prices are soo good for such products. You can find the prices down below if you click the product name. 🙂

2016-08-12 06.36.51 1.jpg

I hope this helps if you are looking for some scrubs, shower creams or nourishing cream. 🙂

Blog away and take care ❤



7 thoughts on “Milk and Honey Gold Bath and Lotion.

  1. I agree your photos are excellent! and as for the products i love stuff like this milk and honey is one of my favorite scents! gona click those links you so kindly supplied and check this stuff out! truly do you do promos for a job? cuz if not you really should! great photos and an excellent write up!


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