A Letter To My Future Husband.


I am writing this on 28th August, 2016.

Well…I probably should start first.


We dont know each other yet or even if we do then I hope we realise we are meant to be together. Why am I writing this? I dont know honestly. I guess I am interested to meet you. I dont know you or the way you look. You might have brown hair, black, blonde or even blue. You might have long hair or short. You might have beard, stubble or nothing at all. I think you’ll have good humor because that’s attractive to me. I dont know your name yet but you are always there in mind.

I think you’ll be tall, intelligent and loving. You might have some habits like biting your lips when you are tensed, getting angry at the smallest things, needy for love and affection but that will make….you and I will love you with all that you have. I hope you are good in Maths because I am terrible at it. Someone has to take care of the sums when our kids will have problems. I hope you are well and so is your family and friends. I hope they like me too. I hope you take good photos because I love capturing memories.

It’s weird thinking about someone I have to be with and writing to him without knowing him. You are obviously somewhere out there walking back to your home, kissing your present girlfriend, or just thinking about your future wife. Who knows? You might be in India, London, New York or even China. We might have language issues and our families might not agree to it but we’ll get through it together. You might be trying to become an entreprenuer or a terrorist (I hope not).

I guess this is it. I hope we meet whenever the time is right for us to ZING. Take care of yourself. Stay safe and try not to sleep with too many girls. I get jealous easily. Even though I said we’ll meet whenever the time is right but keep your eyes open…maybe we are in front of eachother but we just dont know. πŸ™‚


– Deboleena ❀


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