Sex and Virginity.


Disclaimer : If you are under 18 then please don’t read this. Its not for you. And if anyone gets offended because of this then I am sorry. I will try my best to keep you happy with my next post. These are my thoughts however if you have your own thoughts then you can comments. I am open to every thoughts and fully respect it. πŸ™‚



Ooo! Hearing this word suddenly makes the place awkwardly silent. Why? Why is the word SEX still a taboo? Why hearing this word offends people, makes them feel uneasy or just gives gross ideas?

I feel people who feels this way for this word has got a completely wrong idea. It is a beautiful thing. We are here today because of it. And with the word Sex comes another word


Mainly giving character certificates to woman since I don’t even know when.


I remember during school we came to know about a girl who had sex and my own friends were like “She’s not a virgin. Oh god how desperate!” Wait…what? She had sex with her boyfriend. Someone she loved….maybe for some time but that sex was out of love, passion and non of us should give her a character certificate for that.

It doesn’t matter when you lose your virginity or to whom you lose it. It can be a one night stand or with your boyfriend. But for that moment it was perfect to us. We can call our 2nd time as our first time because maybe our first time wasn’t the way you thought it would be. We manage ourselves hence we have the power to say when we had sex. And as for sex it can be beautiful. If you love someone and having passionate sex is beautiful. That’s another form of love. One where your souls become one and one where both become one. Another type of sex can be meaningless or one night stands. Our body has needs and sometimes its okay to let go and just have fun. I remember being all awkward in front of my parents if an intimate scene came on television and thinking about it now seems so stupid. Now we just normally keep on watching because that is something they know I know and vice versa. So why be awkward? The world is changing with every passing second. People had passionate sex earlier and meaningless ones too. Just that they kept it a secret and when people did come to know they punished the woman. Why only the woman? But that’s a different topic itself.

However what I want to say is Sex is not a taboo. Its a normal thing. Some do it out of passion and love and some just for the need. And it doesn’t matter. We are no one to judge them. And Virginity….if you are a virgin, well and good. If not still well and good. If you want to have sex now that’s okay. If you want to have it after 10 years then also its normal. If you are waiting for your man/woman then do it. Our status of virginity will never certify our characters. Our character is proved by who we are and what’s inside our mind and heart. Our character has nothing to do with what happens inside our bedrooms.

Gays and lesbians are getting married now and they are even bringing up children and at this stage if we still think SEX and VIRGINITY to be a taboo then I dont’ know what to say.

Darling let no one shame you with such petty stuff. This is a part of your life and it really doesn’t give you a character certificate. Build yourself in a way that no one has that courage to point at you.

Take Care ❀


44 thoughts on “Sex and Virginity.

  1. Virginity is not a matter of dignity but a matter of opportunity! 😜
    So people who don’t get laid bring these sort of crazy sex related myths.. Sex is fun.. Sex is good.. It makes one feel desirable physically which is sometimes needed.. Promiscuity is a personal choice altogether.. As long as they’re protected and emotionally ready.. Why not? πŸ˜‰

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  2. Nice post :). In my opinion, people need to appreciate the personal space of others and not push forward their ideologies in other people’s life. As long as someone is comfortable in what they are doing. No one should interfere in their lives. πŸ™‚

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  3. I think virginity, sex n all these things are quite personal, and we all should decide about these things on our own. It’s very disturbing that society judges you on these things, it’s personal preference n everybody has a right to live their life their way.
    Great post babe, keep it up😘😘

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    • Thank you firstly and yes I do believe what you said. The society makes turns it into a big issue whereas it is something for the 2 people involved to think and talk about. It’s a shame to those who try to shame others with bad comments on things like this. Thank you for commenting your thoughts πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™


  4. I agree! I think people take sex and virginity too seriously. At the end of the day, we are animals. It’s in our nature to physically express passion. I hate that our society has turned something fundamentally natural and essential into a taboo.

    I actually just blogged a story recounting some of my experiences answering phones as a pimp’s assistant. It’s a little long, but you might enjoy it if you have a few minutes:

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