Life Update : Starting A New Chapter.


So I have been away. I have certain moments where I cant write or draw or be productive at all. I guess a lot of you reading this has such moments too. *Fingers crossed and hoping I am not alone* :p So yeah, I was doing nothing. I recently took some time off all the social sites and went through a lot of things mainly one chapter which I cant pass. The One-Sided Love story. However from the past few weeks I gave myself some time to think. Think seriously and strongly.

I realized that there was no love story. There was a single me and my dreamy thoughts…nothing else sadly. I was the only one in this story and I no longer wish to stay there. I no longer want to feel something that can only bring me pain and this is not the end of life. I am just 19 and I have soo much more to see and do in my life. I have done all that I could for this chapter but sometimes life has greater things planned for you and maybe that what this is all about. I am no longer waiting for someone who was never mine and saying it now doesn’t even break my heart. This chapter will remain somewhere in my heart forever but it wont be the main and only chapter. I am now all prepared to start a new chapter and write it as beautifully as I can. And this time I wont be the Princess waiting and weeping for the Prince beside the river but the Queen ruling her kingdom until she meets her King and they both rule it together.

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Through out this time one thing I really did work on was my life. I scheduled and rescheduled everything and finally know what to do. I believe in magic and miracle and dreams coming true. (Need to blame Disney for that) :p However  I came across this phrase and since then it has given me a lot courage. 🙂

Miracle is another name for hard work.

– Kang Tae Joon (To the beautiful you)

If you’re going through a hard time then I hope this helps you too and if you are also stuck at such a chapter then let go off it. Just one step can make a huge effort to everything in your life. I wont say that the chapter was always bad and it did have really good moments too but its time for a new chapter. 🙂

2016-11-11 04.17.09 1.jpg

I hope you all are well and having a great time. Lastly I want to thank all of you because without all this positivity I wouldn’t be where I am today. Going through all your comments made me realize I was made for something more and just not this. THANK YOU MY LOVELY READERS ❤

Debo x


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