Vegas Baby!! But Shape Up Baby?

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VEGAS! ❤ Woop Woop! That’s the normal reaction of all those who book tickets for Vegas right? 😀 And with those tickets comes all those crazy outfits you’ve once bought but never had an opportunity to wear them :p and so pack them because WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS…STAYS IN VEGAS! 😀 However you can never forget the list of things you wanna do there right? I’ll be honest with you…I made one when I was like 15 :p

Attractions, Tours and Shows in Vegas :

There are soo many things you can do in Vegas and the best way to figure that out is by checking out this link by for all the attractions and shows you want to see while you’re in Vegas plus book tours! 😀 How great is that?

  • Attractions

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  • Tours

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  • Shows

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Hotels and Travel Deals in Vegas :

What about the hotels right? I have a solution to that too. has that sorted out for you too. With you can every type of hotel you’d want in Vegas. A cheap one to a grand luxurious one. Name it and they have it for you with the best prices. They even offer vacation packages! 😀 That’s what you’d want if you go to Vegas.

  • Resorts and Hotels


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  • Packages and Travel Deals

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Weddings Plans in Vegas :

So many people want to get married in Vegas. Marriages in Vegas always remind me of Ross and Rachel. One iconic and hilarious wedding that was 😀 Anyways if you’re not up for a marriage like them then also has that sorted out for you. How great is that? 😀 Get married in a chapel or in a helicopter..they will have it at your say 🙂


  1. Weddings Deals

Now coming to the main point behind this post is when you’re in’ll probably forget about you’re body but that needs to stay fit to enjoy in Vegas. A Vegas trip can be exhausting for your body hence a small healthy routine wont do any harm…would it? Even though holidays are meant for relaxation and fun time but taking care of your body is just as important as having fun in holidays.

Now the main question is How can you still shape up while you’re in Vegas? Let me help you here. 🙂

How to stay fit even when you’re in Vegas :

  1. Gym Bunny  –  If you’re a gym bunny then obviously hitting the hotels gym is your option. A little 30 mins intense workout can be enough for the day. 15 mins on the treadmill or on the spinning bike can be a great start for the day.
  2. Hitting The Pool – Swim your way 😀 Its If you’re hotel or resort has a pool then kudos! Go burn some calories there. Its relaxing plus burning the extras you’ve put on.
  3. Yoga – Yoga is one great way to shape up especially during holidays. If you happen to have no pools or gyms in your hotel then yoga can be done inside your room too. A 30 min session of the sun salutation can do great wonders to your body and mind and you will have a great start to your new day.  Yoga can also be done in the nature. Some place quiet amongst the trees and fresh air.
  4. Using Nature to its fullest – Now when you’re in Vegas…isn’t it obvious for some trekking to the Red Rock Canyon. Hiking, running, cycling can wake up those muscles real good. So doing a bit of that can also help you.
  5. Lets Skip all the way – A skipping rope doesn’t take a lot of places so having that and just doing a bit of that everyday can also keep you sweating and fit.
  6. Bike or Walk your way – If you’re going somewhere near your hotel then you can just walk to that place or hire a bike. Doing that will help you workout the waist below body of yours. Not much of a workout but enough for the holidays.
  7.  Drinking right – Waking up to some green tea on your holidays is very relaxing or maybe espresso. Plus NEVER FORGET TO DRINK WATER. Keeping yourself hydrated on holidays is very important plus water also helps with weight loss.
  8. Do your routine – If you have a little exercise routine that you do in your home then you can always do that in your room or the gym of your hotel.
  9. Using apps– There are various kinds of exercising apps nowadays. Download one of your choice and do the little sessions they show for maximum 30 mins if you don’t wanna do much.
  10. Enjoy and listen to your body – Lastly I would say enjoy and listen to your body. Don’t over workout and loss all energy to enjoy your time. After all its a holiday. So listen to what your body says and do that much of exercise.

I have given 10 ways you can stay fit while you’re in holiday. If you have any other way then please leave your comment down below. I hope this helps if anyone is planning for some holidays but worrying about that body you just made. And please do check out They have some greats deals here. If you’ve not been to Vegas yet or want to visit again? Then be sure to check them out. They are my no. 1 option when I’ll be packing my bags for Vegas!! 😀  I hope this helps and don’t forget to check them out and hit like if you liked this. ❤


Debo x


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