The Fight between 2 Sides of a Mind.

Have you felt or seen the bad side to your brain where you get evil ideas for people or it is full of revenge, anger, jealousy? And have you seen or felt the better side of your brain where you see happiness, kindness, care, love?

Do you have a war happening between the sides? I do. I face it sometimes or every second.

I have a continuous war inside my mind and I am not ashamed to talk about it now because I know I am getting better. My better side is winning over my bad side. For sometime I was lost and filled with jealousy and hatred. The bad side took over because it looked alluring. The bad side will always show you ways that will make you happy….but it will hurt others. However that’s not how I want to live my life. I don’t want to hurt anyone and be happy. Hurting someone because I want to be happy wont even make me happy. Not just me…hurting someone just because that makes you happy isn’t good. Stop it now if you feel you’re doing this. If doing this makes you happy then know this that the bad side has won over your good side. But do you really want that?

If you can understand the difference between the two paths and wisely take steps then there is no problem. Yes the better side has a lot of difficulties but once you get through them with good thoughts…the happiness you receive is more than anything. I’ve recently passed some difficulties without having any bad thoughts and the end was more joyful than I imagined it to be.

There’s always a bad and a good side inside us but its up to us to choose one and stick to it. 🙂 I choose the better side but with that can come a lot of difficult times and sometimes through those moments you’ll realise there are soo many negative people around you. All you need to do is let go of them. I too did. I dont let there negativity get to me and destroy the good in me now. I no longer have a fight between the 2 parts of my mind because its all clear inside. I choose the Good Deboleena ❤ I am done with the old one who stopped me from seeing the better side. I am now filled with good thoughts and love for people. However letting go of negative self and people has been really hard for me but I now free. My goodness has more power. If you’re in a place like this then I hope you choose the better side because even if it seems difficult there is nothing better than crossing it and reaching the end point without cheating 🙂


If you’re having a difficult time right now I hope this helps you in some way and shows you you’re right path. Though I really wish there is no one who has to go through this. 🙂

Take Care ❤

Debo x


3 thoughts on “The Fight between 2 Sides of a Mind.

  1. Those who are able to identify that we do have two sides are the real heros. Aceepting is the bigger reaility i believe ,becuase once you really know what is the cause ;you can remove the effect too.
    Making a concious effort is always desireable.
    These good and bad parts are also quite subjective in natue in the sense we really all the time can`t just act to cautoisly considering others.
    I think we if strive to do what our heart tells us with utmost honest ,we shall never face a bad side because anything done with full consice to impress yourself will defintely have a positive effect on you.


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